What Is the Answer to Number 10 on Impossible Quiz 2?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 21, 2022

The words “a penguin?” are still a selectable item, although this time there’s just a time rift underneath; Clicking on it will take your life as the correct answer is “It blows your hand off“, a modified version of the second option of the original.

What is the answer to 10 on the impossible quiz?

The answer to this question is the teeth, just like in the demo, since the word “select” sounds like “chews” and therefore the task is “chewing food”. If you answer this question, you will get the very first skip of the game.

What is the answer to the impossible quiz 2?

First go up and left; Then take the narrow lower path to the end and put your mouse on the green button. A message will appear in the middle of the screen saying “The code to turn off the universe: 8-2-7-5“, which you need to remember for question 100; take the shortcut back to the beginning of …

How many letters are in the impossible quiz 2?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop

It actually wants to know the number of letters in the “sentence” of the question. That is, in the WORD “sentence”. The correct answer would then be “8“, just like in the demo.

What is the answer to number 2 on the impossible quiz 2?

Although “glass” is the main material needed to build a proper greenhouse, the real question is about a green colored house. There are no green bricks and vodka wouldn’t help, so the answer is “color“. In particular, you need green paint to get the right color for the house.

How many questions are on the impossible quiz 2?

The answer is neither “110” nor “100” as the question does NOT refer to The Impossible Quiz (the previous one) itself, but rather to The Impossible Quiz Demo which is an early version of the full 110 -Questions Quiz that pretty much everyone and their moms have played.

How do you cheat on the impossible quiz?

Cross the maze; You can cheat by right-clicking or left-clicking, stepping on the dot and then releasing.

How do you do question 12 on the impossible quiz 2?

The answer was “K.O”, which means the word “O.K.” written backwards.

Who made impossible quiz 2?

The Impossible Quiz 2 is the second part of the hardest trivia quiz on the World Wide Web. The questions got even trickier than the first quiz, making this game officially the hardest on the market. The creator Splapp-me-do has done everything to ensure that you fail this quiz.

Where are the skips in impossible quiz 2?

In The Impossible Quiz 2 and The Impossible Quiz Book, all jumps are hidden in certain questions and there are far fewer available than in the first quiz. The stashes are also a lot less obvious than the two hidden in the original, so you’ll have to be vigilant if you want to get them.

Is there an impossible quiz 3?

Question 3 of The Impossible Quiz Book asks, “When is my dentist appointment?”. Possible answers are “12:15”, “2:30”, “4:53” and “Hammer”. The answer is “2:30” because this question puns the words “two-thirty” which can be interpreted as “toothache”.

How do you do question 29 on the impossible quiz 2?

There is a 1 second bomb in the lower left of the water stream. So when you find her, quickly drag her into the water before she explodes. A skip is available in this question. To get it you need to find the green bomb that is under the letters “rc” in “Search!” located.

How do you do level 14 on the impossible quiz 2?

What you need to do is place these “clusters” of connected dots in the empty white spaces and convert them to actual letters and words. After playing around for a while and trying to put everything together, you should be able to reveal the real purpose of the question, which says “double click on the question number”.

What is the answer to question 13 on the impossible quiz 2?

Question 13 of The Impossible Quiz 2 is “What do Germans use to water their gardens?”. The possible answers are “rain”, “urine”, “ears” and “lederhosen”. The answer to this question is “Lederhosen”, a German type of clothing consisting of either short or knee-length lederhosen.

What is the answer to question 3 on the impossible quiz 2?

Question 3 (iOS)

Possible options are “sirloin”, “tri-tip”, “hip roast” and “ground beef”. The answer is “ground beef” because cow is beef, and without legs it gets stuck on the ground. Beef on the ground = mince.

What is the answer to question 15 on the impossible quiz 2?

The correct one in this case is “A backward-facing dog“, since “dog” is written backwards or “God” which makes it objectively true, regardless of personal beliefs.



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