What Is So Dimm Socket?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 12, 2022

A small outline dual inline memory module (SO-DIMM) socket can provide a reliable connection with standard memory modules. SO-DIMM sockets are designed for the latest DDR4 as well as earlier versions of DDR3, DDR2, DDR and SDRAM memory modules.

What is a SO-DIMM slot?

A SODIMM (Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module) is a memory module with a smaller outline and thickness than standard DIMM modules and is primarily designed for notebook computers.

Where is SO-DIMM used?

SO-DIMMs are commonly used in space-constrained systems, including laptops, notebooks, small footprint PCs such as , and networking hardware such as routers and NAS devices.

IS SO-DIMM RAM for laptops?

Yes. Laptops use SO-DIMM memory. And…if you go by the pictures for both listings then BOTH items are SO-DIMM as they are both the same size (physically), have the notch in the same place, both made for laptops etc. If it made for a laptop, it’s SO-DIMM.

What is DIMM used for?

DIMM is a module that contains one or more RAM (random access memory) chips on a small circuit board with pins that connect it to the computer’s motherboard. The DIMM stores each bit of data in a separate memory cell. DIMMs use a 64-bit data path because processors used in personal computers have a 64-bit data width.

IS SO DIMM RAM upgradable?

For many laptops, there are only a few things you can do to upgrade the hardware, memory, and storage. There are exceptions of course, there’s the Alienware Area-51m, which can be upgraded like a normal PC, or quite a few ultraportables have RAM soldered onto the motherboard.

Can you use Sodimm in a desktop?

So can you use laptop RAM in desktops? Yes, there is. You can use SO-DIMM to DIMM adapters to use laptop RAM in desktops.

Why do laptops use Sodimm?

Laptop RAM (SO-DIMM)

Almost all modern laptops contain SODIMMs as the primary memory modules. They are quite small, making them ideal for mobile versions of a computer – laptops. SODIMMs are about half the size of regular DIMMs in computers.

Is Sodimm RAM good for gaming?

While it’s not quite as fast as other options in the 3200MHz range, it’s perfect for matching what’s currently installed on the laptop you’re trying to speed up with. Ideal for those who need a boost in speed and performance when it comes to boot times, video editing and gaming.

Is Sodimm DDR3 or DDR4?

Note: If you see “SODIMM” in the specifications of both DDR3 and DDR4 laptop memory, it doesn’t mean they are compatible. SODIMM just means that they are small memory modules commonly used in laptops and some small form factor PCs, as opposed to the physically much larger DIMM used in traditional desktop computers.

Can I put SODIMM in DIMM?

Can I actually put SODIMM in the DIMM slot? Like all notebooks for many years, this one uses SODIMMs, like THESE. And NO, SODIMM and standard 288-pin DIMMs are not interchangeable.

Can DIMM fit in SODIMM?

Short answer: No. Long answer: Remember that DIMM and SODIMM slots are not the same. DIMM slots are RAM slots typically found on desktops and SODIMMs are found on laptops.

What is a DDR4 SODIMM slot?

SO-DIMM sockets are designed for the latest DDR4 and earlier versions of DDR3, DDR2, DDR and SDRAM memory modules. For DDR1 and DDR2 SO-DIMM sockets, the pin count is 200 pins; for DDR3 SO-DIMM sockets, the pin count is 204 pins; for DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets, the pin count is 260 pins. Buy SO-DIMMs (110)

What is 4GB SO-DIMM?

It means exactly that: 4GB soldered to board + 4GB more with add-in RAM module (as an available option or already installed).

How do I know if RAM is SO-DIMM?

  • Open Start.
  • Type command prompt, right-click the top result and select Run as administrator.
  • Type Type the following command to check the memory form factor and press Enter: wmic memorychip get devicelocator, formfactor.

Is DIMM the same as DDR4?

IS SO DIMM soldered?

There is memory soldered to the system board, a DDR4 SO-DIMM slot, so your certified technician will replace the one 4GB RAM stick in the RAM memory slot with an up to 16 -GB RAM stick can replace Maximum system RAM of: Up to 20 GB (4 GB soldered + 16 GB SO-DIMM) DDR4-2666.

How do I change the RAM in Sodimm?

How so DIMM installed on a laptop?

Installing DIMMs in Desktops, Workstations, and Servers

Hold the sides of the new memory module with both hands and carefully insert it into the slot. Make sure the notches on the sides and bottom (where the contacts are) align with the slot layout. Now gently press down until the module slides into the slot.

Can we use laptop RAM in CPU?

Usually the answer is no, however there are some “desktop” models that use SODIMMS. Typically, these desktops have a small form factor and use laptop SODIMMS to save space.



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