What Is Pwr_fan?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 17, 2022

The PWR_FAN port on a mobo is intended for a special purpose. Some PSU’s have wires coming out to a common 3-pin fan connector. Their real purpose is to feed the speed signal from the PSU’s internal fan back to this mobo port for monitoring and display.

What is a Power fan?

A power fan is a cooling fan that uses electricity to blow air. They are often used in places where there is no air conditioning, such as a home office or a factory floor…. Power fans are also used to cool the air in an automobile during summer months.

What does cha fan mean?

CHA FAN stands for chassis fan and is used for powering additional fans in your system through either 4-pin or 3-pin connectors. Chassis is another word for your “PC Case”, and the CHA_FAN header, therefore, is mostly used to power and control your PC Case’s additional fans.

What is CPU opt for?

If you have multiple CPU cooling fans, you need to check out “CPU_OPT.” It is an additional header to connect the other fan. The phrase” OPT” stands for “Optional.” So that means the fan connected to this header is the optional cooling fan.

What is a Power fan header?

The power fan header (PWR_FAN) allows for monitoring the RPM of the PSU fan if the PSU has the appropriate wire to plug in to it, otherwise you just ignore it.

What does SFP mean in ventilation?

Specific Fan Power (SFP) is a parameter that quantifies the energy-efficiency of fan air movement systems. It is a measure of the electric power that is needed to drive a fan (or collection of fans), relative to the amount of air that is circulated through the fan(s).

Do fans run up electric bill?

Most fans are quite energy efficient, especially in newer systems. The fan itself runs about as much energy as a refrigerator would. This can still add up to $50 a month, or $600 a year. This cost can be even higher if you consider the AC unit working harder to counteract the effects the fan may have.

What does PCH fan mean?

The PCH fan is the small fan on the chipset of the board. No its not necessary you enable the fan control for this or for any OPT fans. If you want to be able to control the speeds of them using bios then enable.

What is the difference between cha fan and CPU fan?

The short answer is that a chassis fan works to cool the entirety of your PC case’s interior, while a CPU fan works specifically to cool your CPU unit. Most chassis fans’ speed can’t be controlled by programs, while CPU fans can be controlled in a multitude of ways.

What is VRM fan?

VRM stands for voltage regulator module, and in this case, the term specifically points to an array of components on a motherboard. Ask any PC enthusiast and they’ll gladly tell you that a VRM’s role is to provide a clean and efficient power supply to the CPU or GPU.

Can I plug a fan in CPU opt?

Can I Use CPU OPT for Case Fan? CPU fan header, CPU OPT, and SYS fan header, if all of them are 4 pin fan headers, the motherboard, and in turn the BIOS and the OS, can control the fans’ speed. therefore, theoretically, you can connect the case fan or one of the case fans to the CPU OPT without a problem.

Can I connect pump to CPU opt?

Can you plug an AIO pump into CPU OPT? Yes. But it’s really not recommended. CPU_OPT should ideally be saved for the fans that go on your CPU cooler, whether it be liquid or air.

Can you control CPU OPT fan?

The CPU OPT fan header is slaved to the main CPU fan header. Its control cannot be set independently of the the CPU fan header.

Do you need a fan header?

System Fan headers won’t throw an error on missing fans. However, without a single case fan, your airflow will suffer and you’re likely to experience thermal throttling, especially if you’re running a powerful rig.

Are fan headers 12V?

As far as I can tell, based on my mobo manual (Page 34 always), the only fan header that supports PWM is the CPU fan header, and the header supplies up to 12V to the CPU fan.

What is the PWR fan on a motherboard for?

This header is useful for powering the pumps of AIO liquid CPU coolers that need the pump running at one speed constantly. If you have any fan that you want to run at full speed at all times, or a fan that has its own speed control built into the fan, this fan header is good for those purposes.



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