What Is Netmeeting in Networking?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 22, 2022

What does NetMeeting mean? NetMeeting was a popular audio/video conferencing and Instant Messaging (IM

Instant Messaging (IM)
An instant message (IM) is a real-time, text-based communication similar to a chat. IM uses a shared Software client between or between two or more people using PCs, iPhones or other devices.

) Application installed in Microsoft Windows versions 95 OSR2 to Windows XP was included. NetMeeting was replaced by Windows Meeting Space when Windows Vista was released.

How do you use NetMeeting?

Can you still use Microsoft NetMeeting?

Microsoft NetMeeting is a discontinued VoIP and multipoint video conferencing client included with many versions of Microsoft Windows (from Windows 95 OSR2 to Windows Vista).

How do I install NetMeeting on Windows 7?

NetMeeting is not included with Windows 7; it’s now called Microsoft SharedView (who comes up with those names?). There is a small download that needs to be installed on each computer wishing to join the meeting. Up to 15 participants are allowed and this program works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 machines.

How do you start a Net meeting?

To start a Net Meeting session, go to the start menu and select Run. From there, type conf and click Ok. Click the Phone button and enter the IP address of the device you want to communicate with. When using Net Meeting, users can choose to stream video immediately when a call begins.

What happened to NetMeeting?

Microsoft is retiring its six-year-old online conferencing application, NetMeeting, and will instead push Office Live Meeting, formerly known as PlaceWare, for online meetings.

What is NetMeeting and list some services provided by NetMeeting?

NetMeeting is the Internet’s first real-time communication client that supports international conferencing standards and offers true multi-user application sharing and data conferencing capabilities.



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