What Is Kda Ml?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 23, 2022

KDA in Mobile Legend itself is a three word abbreviation. Yes, those three words are Kill, Death and Assist. The three words were combined to form the term KDA. Usually you can get KDA yourself or learn about it during the game.

Apakah KDA penting?



KDA you have while playing is counted and included in the statistics while playing. The bigger the KDA, the better you play. By increasing your KDA, you’ll look good on others.

Bagaimana cara mendapatkan KDA di Mobile Legend?

One way to increase KDA is to increase assist. You can get the support yourself when you attack the enemy and the enemy has been killed by your teammates.

Apa arti kill death? – The kill/death ratio (KD) is the average kill that scored in each game divided by the number of matches in the Free Fire (FF) game. Setting a good KD radio in FF is important to have the best stats among other players.

Apa yang dimaksud push di ML?

In the world of Mobile Legends, push means push in another meaning that you push agro minions around the track.

Hero Mobile Legends apa yang paling kuat?

Apa yang dimaksud KDA di FF?

KDA or Kill, Death and Assist can be considered one of the most important requirements for being considered good by your friends. In fact, this aspect is often used when you want to join a squad, both amateur and professional.

Apa arti CN di WA?

CN is a short form for change nickname.

Apa itu kill death assist?

KDA is an acronym that means the ratio a hero gets for killing an enemy hero, being killed in battle, and helping a friend’s hero kill an enemy.

Apa itu CF di Whatsapp?

In the meaning of CF is close friend or close friendship.

Kapan push Rank ML?

The recommended time for Push Rank is 8pm and above. Even if there are still a few children playing at 8 p.m., but it is likely that there are also many players who have pretty good skills.

Apa yang dimaksud dengan kata push?

KB. 1 print. He needs a p. He needs encouragement. 2 insistence. 3 attacks (from the enemy).

Apa itu push turret di ML?

Move Turret is one of the most important activities to reach the goal and unlock all paths of the Land of Dawn. On any Mobile Legends game map, it is usually lined by three supporting towers before it reaches the base tower.



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