What Is Invisibility Spray?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 14, 2022

How does invisible spray work?

Is invisibility spray real?

Invisible Spray 2.0 is a super hydrophobic coating specifically designed for creating rain-activated street art (aka “rainworks”). Unlike other hydrophobic coatings, Invisible Spray 2.0 is completely invisible once cured on a surface.

What is Rainworks made of?

Rainworks are made with a super hydrophobic coating called Invisible Spray. You can purchase a bottle of Rainworks Invisble Spray online at www. Rain. Factory/Shop.

How do you make rain art?

How do you make yourself invisible?

What is Rainworks?

Short for Rain-Activated Artwork, a rainwork is a magical type of street art that only appears when it rains.

What is rain art?

We used watercolor paper and dripped liquid watercolor on it. The results were BEAUTIFUL. I actually plan on framing some that are so pretty. The girls really enjoyed running in the rain and then watching the pictures develop on our porch. We will certainly repeat this activity.

How do you make a sidewalk stencil?



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