What Is Inoa Oleo Gel?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 8, 2022

Inoa Oleo Gel is an important part of the color mixture Inoa. It is a gel with mineral oil and protection for the scalp.

What developer do you use with INOA?

L’Oreal INOA 20 VOLUME RICH DEVELOPER OR 6% 1000ML. Specially formulated to work with INOA Supreme Hair Color. Mix the same amount of crème with Loreal Inoa Developer in a mixing bowl and apply first to the roots and then to the hair for best results.

Does INOA lift hair?

We both present INOA UltraBlond, the first-ever high-lift, ammonia-free blonde hair color from L’Oréal Professionnel. The clever formula means you won’t experience the odor or irritation that ammonia can cause, AND your tresses won’t suffer damage from bleach. That’s why Alexa’s curls look so healthy.

What does INOA clear do?

Description. Inoa Clear gives the hair a silky shine. This product is part of the Inoa range and is characterized by its 2-component system. The special, odorless, ammonia-free coloring system ensures even results from root to tip.

How do I use Loreal INOA?

Does INOA have peroxide?

The only 100% cruelty-free and vegan hair color certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Uses activators containing only pharmaceutical grade peroxide, certified organic ingredients, natural extracts and conditioning agents.

Which hair color is better INOA or Majirel?

INOA improves hair quality by gently coloring while respecting and protecting the hair fiber. INOA offers a superior sensory experience with greater scalp comfort, freedom from odor and experiencing incredible hair innovations first-hand!

Does INOA cover grey hair?

INOA Supreme is the first ammonia-free anti-aging permanent hair color that safely covers gray hair. If you have around 70-100% white hair, INOA Supreme is for you – always with optimal gray hair coverage and natural anti-aging results.

Does INOA damage hair?

INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia and according to L’Oréal Professionnel’s Vice President of Marketing, the dye leaves the hair “as smooth as it was before the hair colour” and does no harm .

Does Loreal INOA cover grey hair?

INOA provides up to 100% gray coverage every time. “Not all ammonia-free color lines cover 100% gray hair,” says Jennifer Costa, colorist at John Barrett Salon. “With INOA it’s consistent every time.

How long does INOA last?

INOA is 60% oil and provides intense hydration for 6 weeks while leaving beautiful colour.

Which is the best ammonia free hair color?

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