What Is Difference Between Dear and My Dear?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 17, 2022

You use lieb in phrases like “my dear colleague”, “dear girl” or “my dear Richard” when addressing someone you know and like. You can also use such expressions in a rude way to indicate that you think you are superior to the person you are addressing.

Is my dear correct?

The last sentence is correct! “My love” can be used either as “my dear Anne” or simply “my love” with the person you’re calling implying “my love”.

What does my dear mean?

From the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English my dear/darling/love etcused when speaking or writing to someone you love or care deeply about Happy Birthday, my love.

Is my dear old fashioned?

“My love” can be used among close relatives, especially by a woman towards her young children or grandchildren. But it’s also a bit dated. A few generations ago it may have been used by almost everyone for a close relative or child.

What does yes my dear mean?

1 Beloved; valuable. 2 used in conventional forms of address preceded by a title or name, as in “Dear Sir” or “My Dear Mr Smith”. 3 postpositive; after: too important; close.

Can you say my dear to a friend?

I think the word “dear” is okay when addressing your close friends. I do this very often and it’s not that cumbersome. As for Honey, that would mean something more than friends or very close friends who wouldn’t mind being approached at all!

Is it correct to say my dear friend?

In particular, “Dear my friend” is acceptable in their English and I suspect this is because “dear” in that sentence is not an adjective but an adverb meaning “with love and respect ” means (Merriam -Webster), or they take “rather” as a preposition and confuse “dear friend” with “to my friend”.

Can I say my dear to a man?

Within an intimate relationship (man/woman, woman/woman, man/man), everything is allowed; and maybe from a child to an older parent you would hear “rather” or “darling” more. PS A man may refer to another man as his “dear friend”, but it would be unusual (not outrageous) to address him that way.

Can I call a woman dear?

If someone calls you “darling”, “sweetheart”, “sweetheart” or something like that, you should take that as a compliment. This is true whether the person calling is a woman or a man, and it doesn’t matter whether the person is a friend, relative or stranger; it would be a very nice comment.

Who can we call dear?

It means the same as “sweetheart” or “darling”. Older people who have been married a long time may call themselves “love”. Or a grandmother calls her granddaughter “love”. I don’t know many young people who call themselves sweet. It’s an old-fashioned word.

Is saying my dear condescending?

Languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat refer to people you don’t know in the form of pet names (‘Meine Liebe’, ‘Darling’, ‘Love’, and ‘Dear’ when used in the language) are condescending, condescending, and encourage the trivialization. These forms should only be used if the interlocutor has a close relationship with the speaker.

What do British guys call their girlfriends?

‘Dear’ is the only real addition to the standard ‘Darling’ that most couples will need, perhaps with a ‘Love’ and a standard ‘Darling’ thrown in here and there. For the 60th anniversary, many British couples are content with a few grunts over breakfast tea and toast.

What is the best endearment for couples?

What is dear in love?

Definitions of dear. a loved one; used as a term of endearment. Synonyms: beloved, sweetheart, darling, love. Kind of: lover. a person who loves someone or is loved by someone.

What does my dear friend mean?

loved or beloved: a dear friend. (used in the salutation of a letter as an expression of affection or respect, or as a traditional greeting): Dear Sir.

What does dear mean in texting?

Drop everything and read” is the most common definition of DEAR on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. DARLING. Definition: Drop everything and read.

What does it mean if a girl calls me dear?

Well, the fact that she called you darling means that she likes you as a nice person.

Is Dear male or female?

As a greeting in a letter it can be used for both genders. “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam” or “Dear Mr. Jones” or “Dear Mrs. Johnson.”

What can I say instead of dear friend?

How do I write a letter to my dear friend?



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