What Is Casalemedia Cookie?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 20, 2022

What is Casalemedia used for?

The Casale Media Online Advertising Exchange (Index) uses cookies for the purpose of tracking when an Internet user has seen an advertisement. These cookies do not and can not provide Casale Media with any personally identifiable information about an Internet user.

What is Castlemedia?

Casale Media is a tech company providing online display and advertising services to optimize the value of premium content for brands. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Who is Casalemedia?

Casalemedia is a legal advertising service but is sometimes abused by crooks to gain personal income. Casalemedia is a legitimate advertising service that provides assistance in monetizing on online content for various website developers.

What is s0 2mdn net?

The primary purpose of virus is to redirect peoples’ traffic to certain web pages, affiliated sites, and similar content. This activity can be noticed on iPhone, Android, and other smartphones, as well as the computer system.



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