What Is Ca Va?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 31, 2022

Ça va, pronounced like “sah vah”, is a common expression heard in everyday French. Ça va literally means “it goes”, but it is used in a variety of situations. The most common way to hear ça va is when it is used to ask someone how they are, as a shortened version of the comment ça va ?

How do you respond to Ca va?

Like English, French people tend to say Ça va? with an affirmative response – Bien or Bien, merci – similar to what we would do with “fine” in English. The following answers are polite enough for a new acquaintance, but also general enough for a good friend: Très bien, merci. Very good, thanks.

Can Ca va mean its okay?

Meaning of Ça Va

Literally translated, ça va means “it goes.” Used in casual conversation, it can be both a question and an answer, but it is one informal expression. You probably wouldn’t want to ask this question to your boss or a stranger unless the environment was casual.

Is Ca va informal or formal?

Ça va is an informal way to ask someone how they are and a way to reply.

Is Ca va in French formal?

Admittedly, ça va isn’t the most formal of French. But it’s so practical that it’s been used a lot in French lately and has really caught on in almost every situation: among friends and family, of course, but also in the office or with acquaintances.

Can you reply to Ca va with Oui?

When “Ça va?” asks “How are you?” the answer is the same as for our second sentence (“Ça va bien, et toi?”). If someone asks you if you’re okay, you can say “Oui, ça va, merci” (“I’m fine, thank you”)..

Can you reply to Ca va with ca va?

As far as I know if you ask “Ca va” the correct answer is also “Ca va”. Since you literally say “it works?”, the answer should be “it works”. If you ask “Comment ca va?” the answer should be “Ca va bien”.

How are you ca va?

In fact, the most common answer to “ça va ?” is… “ça va” (literally: it’s going), which means everything is going well. “ça va” is similar to the English “how are you” greeting. They use it more to say hello than to ask a person how they are.

How do I reply to bonjour?

You can either reply with “bonjour” or say “salut”, which also means “hello”, but in an informal way. You can also either reply with “comment allez-vous?” meaning how are you or how are things going formally, or you could use “ça va”? which also means the same thing, but in an informal way.



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