What Is Another Word for Suboptimal?

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What is another word for suboptimal?
inferior poor
below average
unsatisfactorily bad
poorly below average
unacceptably pathetic
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What is another word for suboptimal? – WordHippo Thesaurus › what is › suboptimal

What does a suboptimal mean?

Definition of sub-optimal

: less than optimal : not at the best possible level sub-optimal performance sub-optimal conditions/results/solutions obtained sub-optimal care…this is how life ends evolution, at which the pursuit of self-interest often leads to suboptimal results for all parties involved. —

What is opposite suboptimal?

The opposite of not meeting an expected or required quality or standard. acceptable. enough. decent. good.

How do you use suboptimal in a sentence?

Which is the closest synonym for the word optimal?

What does suboptimal mean on ultrasound?

If the scan is sub-optimal and the image quality is poor, the patient’s reaction is often attributable to the sonographer or the device. 3. This response may be amplified if the patient receives a copy of the scan report stating that the scan was suboptimal due to the patient’s physique or high BMI.

What does suboptimal mean in pregnancy?

Pregnancies without an ultrasound confirming or revising the estimated date of delivery before 22 0/7 weeks gestation should be considered suboptimal dated. This document provides guidelines for the management of pregnancies where the best clinical estimate of gestational age is suboptimal.

What’s another word for subpar?

What is a synonym for deficient?

lacking, deficient, flawed, inadequate, insufficient, limited, poor, scanty. short, concise, scarce, with a lack of, with too little…, with too little

Is subpar one word?

Since sub- means below, almost anything that doesn’t conform to a traditional standard can be considered sub-par. For example, you might hear about subpar ratings for a television show, subpar care in a nursing home, subpar attendance at a concert, or subpar work from a contractor.

What is the meaning of suboptimal decision making?

A subset of suboptimal decision making can be characterized as making a decision that has a low probability but high payoff alternative (e.g., playing slot machines or buying lottery tickets) versus one High probability alternative to choose, low payout alternative (no gambling) so the expected net return is less than what you have…

What is a suboptimal policy?

The way the system is controlled in a non-optimal way for the given performance criterion is called a suboptimal control strategy.

What is a suboptimal outcome in economics?

A sub-optimal result is usually the kind of things that indicate MANY things that may be wrong in your business. And as our team grows, as we tackle bigger things, as we venture into uncharted territory, I see and notice more and more of these small sub-par results – and it scares me.

What is the opposite of Unequalled?

The opposite of rare or unmatched. equivalent. same. comparable.

What is the difference between optimal and optimum?

Optimal and optimal both mean “best possible” or “cheapest”. Optimal is used exclusively as an adjective, as in “optimal method of completion”, while optimum functions both as a noun, as in something “to be at the optimum”, and as an adjective, “optimal method”, although this is less common.< /p>

What is a synonym for optimal health?

Synonyms for in good health

cool. healthy. appropriate. well adjusted. whole.



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