What Is an Example of Irony in the Giver?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 31, 2022

Verbal irony is when spoken situations contradict each other. An example in The Giver is when the Chief Elder says: “Thank you for your childhood.” This example takes place at The Ceremony of Twelve: During the Sorting, the future of the children is analyzed intensively Council of Leaders, led by the Chief Elder.

What irony is in The Giver?

Situational Irony when the opposite of what is expected happens during Jonas’ Twelve Ceremony. If skipped, he believes he has done something wrong to shame the family and himself when in fact he is chosen for an honorary position because of his character.

What examples of irony are in the story?

A child runs away from someone throwing a water balloon at them and falls into the pool. This is ironic because the child ends up getting wetter than they would have been, thwarting their expectations of what would happen if they ran away from the water balloon.

What are the 5 examples of irony?

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