What Is an Auxiliary Contact?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 19, 2022

An auxiliary contact (or switch) is an additional contact that forms part of a circuit to increase the amount of current that can flow through the system. These are typically installed when a primary source is already present but requires too much current to be processed by just one auxiliary contact.

What is main contact and auxiliary contact?

Main contacts are rated for high voltage and high current, while auxiliary contacts are rated for low voltage and low current only.

What is an auxiliary contact on a breaker?

Auxiliary contacts monitor Eaton circuit breakers and provide a signal to external devices when the circuit breaker trips. In the event of an overcurrent or short circuit, these contacts and switches keep workers and equipment safe by activating an alarm, initiating a shutdown, or starting a backup power source.

What is the difference between auxiliary contact and load contact?

Auxiliary contacts are small and intended to be used as part of the control circuit. Load contacts are large and designed to control a large amount of current.. p >

How do I connect an auxiliary contact?

What is auxiliary in electrical?

Auxiliary power is electrical power provided by an alternate source that acts as a backup to the primary power source on the station main bus or mandatory auxiliary bus. An offline unit provides galvanic isolation between the primary power source and the critical engineering load, while an online unit does not.

Why auxiliary contacts are connected in trip circuit?

Functions of the auxiliary contacts or switches in the relay:

The tripping circuit is separated by the auxiliary switch or contact. Again the relay contacts are bypassed by a special means and the auxiliary switch maintains the trip current to maintain tripping. This is called sealing.

How many auxiliary contacts are in a relay?

There are two basic types of auxiliary contacts: those that are closed when not activated, or those that are open. These are known as normally closed (N/C) and normally open (N/O). The NC contacts are used, for example, as electrical interlocks, where two contactors are used for forward/reverse rotation.

What is the function of auxiliary contacts in a magnetic motor starter?

When an overload is detected, the auxiliary contact of the overload relay opens the circuit and prevents the motor from burning out or overheating.

How do you test an auxiliary contactor?

What does an auxiliary switch do?

An auxiliary switch is a single pole, double throw, actuated by the moving contact arm assembly. It is used to remotely indicate the position of the main circuit breaker contacts, whether open or closed.

How do auxiliary relays work?

The auxiliary relay is the switch on the wall. Once the relay is opened by flipping the switch to turn on the light, a signal is sent to turn on the light. When the relay is closed or the light switch is turned in the opposite direction, a separate signal is sent to remove power to the light.



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