What Is a Trapper Keeper for School?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 10, 2022

The Trapper Keeper was designed to be the perfect product for kids of all grade levels. Not only did they save space in small lockers, but the unique designs on the cover were the first school supplies that students could use to express themselves.

What is a trapper for school supplies?

A metal clip on the back of the Trapper Keeper secures loose papers and notes while students are on the move. Stash even more in the inner pocket, perfect for keeping handouts, assignments, and extra paper close at hand. Best of all: all content stays in place with a Velcro fastener.

What is the difference between a Trapper Keeper and a binder?

The difference between the Trapper Keeper and the various three ring binders it competed with is that the Trapper Keeper was aggressively marketed. There were TV commercials for the Trapper Keeper and even in the beginning there were options in terms of looks.

Are Trapper Keepers still a thing?

Long story short, The Trapper Keeper isn’t dead and it’s still in production, but it’s not exactly easy to find this school year. “You can still find it in retail, but you won’t find it in any of the big office products distribution channels, for example,” he says.

What is a Trapper Keeper called?

The Trapper Keeper evolved from PeeChees, vertical pocket binders that were common on the West Coast but rare elsewhere in the US 4. The name is actually a two-piece. The Trapper is the paper folder with slanted pockets. The keeper is the notebook that holds the trapper.

Why are they called Trapper Keepers?

The binder got its name because it was sold in combination with Mead-designed pocket files called “Trappers, which differed from other pocket files in that the three sides of the pockets were connected to the bottom , outside edge and top (as opposed to bottom, outside edge and spine) of folders.

How does a Trapper Keeper work?

Why do schools not allow Trapper Keepers?

Their size, the fact that organizers used to use velcro and the fact that there were multiplication tables inside. As a result, schools would ban these beacons of efficiency because said efficiency benefits could not be trusted in the hands of 11-year-olds.

Why did they stop making Trapper Keepers?

It quickly filled the vacuum he had identified, and his name became synonymous with his category; The company told The Oregonian in 1989 that half of the students in grades six through twelve had one. But eventually the school authorities decided that the Trapper Keeper was too big. Not too dominant – just too big.

What replaced Trapper Keepers?

In recent years the Trapper Keeper has been replaced by a heavier duty binder with a shoulder strap for easier portability. With children returning to school buildings en masse this fall, retailers are expecting the school shopping season to be more robust than last year.

Are Trapper Keepers making a comeback?

(WJW) — Kids of the 80’s and 90’s take note: a popular school material used by many students is making a comeback. This school season, Trapper Keepers are back in seven new designs with today’s retro fashion trends, according to a press release. It features an inner pocket, metal clip and secure Velcro closure.

Who created the Trapper Keeper?

The Trapper and the Keeper (remember they are two different things) was developed after E. Bryant Crutchfield began research into class sizes, shrinking locker space, and the ease with which papers were spilled out of notebooks , perform classroom.

What does being a trapper mean?

/ˈtræp.ər/ a person who captures wild animals, usually to sell their fur: a fur trapper.

How wide is a Trapper Keeper?



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