What Is a Thumb Slug in a Bowling Ball?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 31, 2022

Thumb slugs are actually known by a number of names including: inserts, solids, and of course nudibranchs. No matter what you call them, they are all the same. Usually made of vinyl or urethane, they are a solid piece of material that goes into the thumb hole of your bowling ball.

What do thumb slugs do?

What causes thumb to stick in bowling ball?

Check the size of the holes first. As you place your fingers inside the ball, they should slide comfortably down to the first crease from the fingertips for a normal “fingertip” grip. If you pinch your fingers because they are too tight, change inserts or leave the holes slightly open.

How do you remove a thumb slug from a bowling ball?

Re: How to remove the thumb snail

What I do is take a small saw and cut the old snail into quarters. Then I just take a screwdriver and remove the sections. After the first section, the remaining 3 come out easily. The key to sawing is to keep an eye on the top and make sure you don’t saw into the ball.

How do you install a thumb slug?

Do I need a thumb slug?

So humans use thumb snails to regulate these inconsistencies. Once a hole is drilled without a thumbscrew it’s really difficult to sand the inner material down to feel perfect.

What Grip Do Pro Bowlers use?

Virtually all professionals, however, use the fingertip grip. So if you have ambitions to bowl at a high level, a successful fingertip grab is something to aim for.

How tight should your thumb hole be in a bowling ball?

You want your thumbhole to feel loose, but it needs to be tight enough so you can let go of the ball without grabbing it. You shouldn’t need more than a piece of tape to do this.

Do you put your thumb all the way in a bowling ball?

How far should your fingers go in a bowling ball?

Semi-Fingertip Grip

This is a hybrid of the two grips above. As you would expect, this grip requires full insertion of the thumb and the middle and ring fingers midway between the first and second knuckles. It offers more hook power than fingertip grip and more control than fingertip grip.

How do you plug a bowling ball into your house?

How do you get finger grips out of a bowling ball?

How do you glue finger inserts in a bowling ball?

Where is Bowlerx located?

You can also email us at [email protected] and we will respond to you in a timely manner. Our Pro Shop location in Town & Country Lanes in Bethlehem PA is open Tuesday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

How do you hold a bowling ball?

What is a tweener bowling style?

“Tweening” A tweener (a term derived from “in-between”) is a bowler who plays the ball in a manner that falls somewhere between a sweep and a crank . They have speeds between 300 and 370 rpm.

Should you squeeze bowling ball?

What is the dot on my bowling ball?

Not to be confused with the pins at the end of the lane, each bowling ball is marked with a colored dot representing the ball’s pin. The pin is critical in determining how to drill your ball to get the reaction you want on the lanes.



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