What Is a Shoo Fly in Electrical?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 12, 2022

Shoe Fly: A temporary line built to bypass a construction area. Short connector: The cord and clips for an electric drill. Shotgun Stick: An all-round stick (also called a “slip stick”).

What is a shoefly?

Shoefly` n. 1. (Railroading) A device to temporarily toss the track to one side to fill in washouts or perform other repairs.

Where did the term shoo fly come from?

An anonymously written 1895 New York Herald article on the history of minstrel show dancing gave the following story: “‘Shoo-Fly’ is said to have originally come from the Isthmus of Panama, where the Black people sang ‘Shoo Fly’ and ‘Don’t Bodder Me’ alternately while working.

What is a shoofly track?

Shofly. Temporary track used to avoid an obstacle blocking movement on the normal track segment. Shooflys are often engineered to temporarily pass through mudslides while rebuilding. Shop Count.

What is a shoo fly insect?

Page 1. SHOO FLY! Houseflies, those pesky flying insects that show up uninvited at your summer picnic or sneak into your house if you leave a door open too long, are so annoying. Sometimes they seem to be everywhere!

How do you shoo fly?



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