What Is a Partridge Silkie?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 28, 2022

Partridge is by far one of our favorite silkie dyes. It’s really just stunning. The colors are so bright! Pattern genes express the distinctive three-pencil pattern found on many partridge hen feathers.

What does Partridge chicken mean?

Partridge Cochin chickens are a beautifully colored variety with typical partridge colouring. Males have reddish-orange heel and saddle feathers with black centers. Females have a typical partridge pattern with dark reddish-brown feathers drawn in black pencil.

What is the rarest color of Silkie chicken?

Red Silkies are a rare variety and not recognized. The color is not naturally present in Silkies and must be introduced from another breed. Some breeders simply describe them as darker buff variations, although there are breeders working specifically to develop Red Silkies in Australia.

What is the difference between Silkies and Silkie Bantams?

Bantam chickens are smaller than regular sized chickens. Silkie chickens also have beautiful, soft, fluffy feathers that differ from those of other hard-feathered poultry. Although some say these feathers resemble fur, they do not serve as protection for the bird.

How can you tell if a Silkie is purebred?

Their feathers look like silk or fur.

The rooster’s crest has a walnut shape that is often hidden by feathers. In purebred breeds, the crest should be mulberry (deep red). Her face may or may not be bearded and her eyes are charcoal.

How do you get Partridge Silkies?

Breeding Partridge Silk

They could get a solid buff or black color even if both parents are Partridge. To hatch chicks of the right color for partridge show you need two different breeding pens. Darker roosters are needed to hatch correct looking males.

What color eggs do Partridge chickens lay?

They lay large brown eggs, and like all Plymouth Rocks, the partridge lays year-round with no decline in production during the winter months. Hens can also be broody.

Are black silkie chickens rare?

Today, this breed is among the most popular and beloved breeds because of its unique appearance and admirable temperament. In fact, Black Silkies are always present at poultry fairs.

Can you breed different color Silkies?

So basically, if you only had blue, black, and tangy silkie hens in your flock, you could mate them and produce different numbers of blue, black, and tangy colored chicks without worrying about it Having to worry will create a confusing color, like a leather hen being covered by a black rooster.

Can you mix Silkies with other chickens?

Interestingly, in our experience, despite their unusual plumage, silkies usually get along well with other chicken breeds, provided you have several (rather than a single “other” bird).

What is so special about Silkie chicken?

Silkies have an ovum temperament, they are luxuriously soft to the touch, they are one of the most unique breeds, they make ideal pets and they make wonderful mother hens! Silkie Bantams are cute, cuter, cutest! We love Silkie Bantams for their sweet, gentle and friendly temperament.

Do all Silkies have vaulted skulls?

Some breeds have the arch longer than Silkies and so it has evolved to be more closed and less prone to injury. Over the years I’ve had many crested chickens – Polish and Silkie crossbreeds; and purebred Pointed Crested, Houdan, Legbar and Icelandic – none of which had domed skulls.

How do you tell if a Silkie is a boy or girl?

Streamers – Silky roosters tend to have thin, long feathers radiating from their crown. While hens have nice, short, rounded feathers, you’ll notice that young males have a messy-looking crown on their heads with what are known as “streamers” on their backs sticking out.

What Colour eggs do Silkies lay?

Their eggs are small to medium-sized and cream or white in color.

What is a satin Silkie?

Satins are bred to be identical to Silkies in every way except feather type. This boils down to the genetic difference between Silkies, who have two recessive genes for the silk feathering trait, and Satins, who have either one or no gene for the silk feathering trait.

Do all Silkies have blue ears?

Light blue earlobes are not uncommon in chicken breeds, but the Silkies’ turquoise earlobes are unique. It is not known if this color results from an interaction of the pigmentation of the earlobes with the black skin of the Silkie and if so what the actual basic color of the earlobes is.

What is a frizzle Silkie?

Silk chickens look very different from any other breed of chicken, and that’s due to a whole bunch of oddities. Yes, the Frizzle Silkie has curly feathers, but otherwise they’re just like regular Silkies. The curly feathers will extend all over her body and they will also extend down her legs and feet.

How do you get a chocolate Silkie?

The male needs two copies of the gene to display the chocolate color. The males that carry only one chocolate gene look black like a regular black silky beard BUT can still pass the chocolate gene to their offspring.

Are Partridge rocks broody?

What kind of chicken lays Rainbow eggs?

Hens that lay colored eggs include Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Maran, and Easter Egger.



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