What Is a Negg?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 12, 2022

Neggs are foods that you can feed your Neopet. Most are just food, but there are also a number of Neggs in Neopia that will have special effects on your Neopet when fed. These effects can range from adding stats to your pet to bestowing items or abilities.

What does a crystal NEGG do?

Heals your pet for 8 hit points outside of the Battledome.

What are NEGG tokens for?

Neggs are generally just food for your Neopet, but some of them can be traded to Kari at the Neggerei on Dread Mountain for Negg Points. You can then use these Negg Points to buy special Neggs to feed to your Neopet with special effects.

What does blue furry NEGG do?

How do you get Neggs?

Negg Tokens are obtained by exchanging specific Neggs into the Neggerei. In exchange for Negg tokens, you can purchase various Neggs such as Witchy Neggs and Glamor Neggs.

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How do you solve the puzzle in mysterious NEGG cave?

The clue in the upper right corner of the scroll is the same shape as the first clue but has a yellow area where the first was red. Since yellow and red cannot overlap, the clue must be at the bottom, with yellow in the middle of the left column and purple in the middle of the bottom column.

Where do you buy Neggs in Neopets?

The Neggs have special powers and can usually be purchased with Negg Tokens in the Neggerei. The Neggerei is run by the Negg-Fee.



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