What Is a Moshi Pillow?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 25, 2022

Pillows used for head and neck support may contain microbeads. A microbead pillow is a soft and squishy pillow filled with small Styrofoam beads. Many people associate microbead pillows with beanbags because they feel similar and can be made from the same materials.

Can you wash Moshi pillows?

Answer: You can wash them in a washing machine on the gentle cycle with lukewarm water, however, a front loading machine is recommended and you should always wash a microbead pillow in a tied pillowcase.

How many beads are in a microbead pillow?

I realized that the small spongy white beads resembled what was in many children’s beanbags. According to the company’s marketing materials, the pillow contained 10,000,000 of them. I really hope these steaming little bastards never escape their fall!

How do you make a microbead pillow?

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