What Is a Hurdler in Cheer?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 16, 2022

The hurdler is a cheerleading jump that requires a lot of strength and flexibility. In a hurdle jump, the idea is to have the cheerleader’s front leg almost parallel to the torso and the back leg bent, bringing the foot back, just like a herkie

The Herkie (aka Hurkie) is a cheerleading vault named for Lawrence Herkimer, founder of the National Cheerleaders Association and former cheerleader at Southern Methodist University.


What is a front hurdler in cheerleading?

Advanced Cheerleading Jumps: Front Hurdler, Toe Touch, Pike, and Double Nine Jumps. 1. Front hurdler: The front hurdler is the same as the side hurdler in that one leg is extended with the knee up and the other leg is bent with the knee pointing toward the ground. The difference is that your lead leg steps forward.

What is the difference between a herkie and hurdler?

A hurdler is similar to a Herkie. The difference is that the straight leg goes forward in a toe-touching position. While herkies generally point their hips toward the audience, a hurdler is more impressive when performed to the side.

How do you get a hurdler?

What does a hurdler jump look like?

What is the hardest cheer jump?

The pike is one of the most difficult jumps to do well. It requires a lot of flexibility in your hamstrings and a lot of strength in your legs. This is one of those jumps that you can practice on the ground.

What is a cheer pike?

What is the easiest cheer jump?

The tuck jump is great for beginners and young cheerleaders to work on getting their legs up in the air. The knees should be up to the chest and the arms should be in a high V or a high touchdown. Tuck jumps are also a great tool to build core strength for tucks into tumblings.

What is an eagle jump?

Eagle Jump is the video game company where Aoba Suzukaze and her colleagues work. It is the company that created the popular Fairies Story franchise. Their games are funded and published by Houbundo.

What is a double jump in cheer?

Double jump (cheerleading), perform the same jump twice in a row when cheerleading.

Do hurdlers have to be tall?

Be honest, hurdling is easier when you’re taller, and it’s possible you’re too short. I would say that in the men’s high hurdles, 5-9 is as small as you can be and still have a shot at becoming an elite hurdler. Anything smaller and it just takes too much vertical to break any barrier.

How tall is the average hurdler?

Of course, a male in the 6’0″ to 6’1″ range or a female in the 5’7″ to 5’8″ range would be ideal for the simple fact that they , if they have any kind of speed, they will be able to take three steps relatively soon after the first start in the event. But you can’t always assume that.

Do hurdlers jump?

Good hurdlers get back on the ground quickly to continue sprinting to the next hurdle. They “climb” hurdles instead of “jumping” them. “Step” is a great signal that communicates the speed and timing of the action and that the athlete should not “jump” high over the hurdle.

How do I get a better hurdler?

What are the types of jumps in cheerleading?

  • Spread out the eagle. This is probably one of the most basic jumps you will learn.
  • Toe Touch. Probably one of the most common jumps, the toe touch is fairly easy to perform.
  • Tuck. This jump is sometimes seen in competitions.
  • Right or Left Hurdler.
  • Pike.
  • Pike-Out.
  • Herkie.
  • Double Nine.

How can I improve my hurdler jump?


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