What Is a Good Sentence for Glorious?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 29, 2022

He had a long and glorious military career. The ancient ruins only give a hint of the city’s glorious past. The government has described the battle as a glorious victory. Our room had a wonderful view of the mountains.

What is a good sentence for glory?

1. It is now in its glory. 2. The ballroom is the crowning glory of the palace.

Who is a glorious person?

The definition of glorious is a person or thing that is great and deserving of high praise.

How do you use terrific in a sentence?

We all had a really great concert and wanted to say thank you to the performers with our generous round of applause. Given that she’s making a bit of progress, she actually did a pretty great job.

Is Gloriful a word?

Detailed Word Origin of glorious

(obsolete) Pride; boasting; Arrogance..

What does great glory mean?

Definition of greater glory

: Honour and distinction He claimed that everything he did was done for the greater glory of his country.

What does my glory mean?

If you’ve heard the expression “You are in your glory” it means You are very happy and proud – you must have achieved one of your great goals. Definitions of Fame. a state of high honor. “he valued glory above life itself” Synonyms: glorification.

What is glorious child?

A glorious child is a child of destiny. He is God loved by Heaven. A glorious child lives a life of gold designed by God, a life of honey. He is a child sent by God to be a shield and Messiah to many people. He’s someone to celebrate.

Is Glorious a positive word?

lovely; Marvelous; thoroughly enjoyable: having a wonderful time at the circus. bestow glory: a glorious victory. full of glory; entitled to great fame: England is glorious in her poetry. radiantly beautiful or splendid; wonderful: a wonderful summer day.

What does feeling glorious mean?

2 adj When describing something as glorious, emphasize that it is wonderful and makes you very happy., (emphasis added) (=wonderful) The victory brought back glorious memories of its championship -victorious Days… we opened the windows and let in the wonderful evening air.

How do you spell Triffic?

Adjective. Pronunciation of terrific.

Is terrific a positive word?

Today, we still use “great” in that negative, frightening sense when we’re talking about a “great explosion,” for example. But during the 20th century, “terrific” took on an additional, more positive meaning: “uncommonly fine, magnificent, splendid.”

What is the sentence of fantastic?

1. The weather was absolutely amazing. 2. I have a fantastic social life.

What do you mean gorgeous?

Definition of ravishing

: splendid or strikingly brilliant or gorgeous.

What is a glorious weather?

Gorgeous weather is very pleasant and particularly hot and sunny: They had gorgeous weather for their wedding. It was a glorious winter day—crisp and clear. very enjoyable or gives great pleasure: This wine is absolutely wonderful.

Is Gloryful a word?

Definitions for gorgeous. Glorious.



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