What Is a Good Sentence for Admonish?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 5, 2022

The accountant has been admonished and has expressed his regret. In all three cases, the perpetrator was admonished. He admonished us in all things to walk modestly before all men. He admonished us that if we turned down this offer of reform, we should only take credit for it if we regretted it in the future.

What is admonition in a sentence?

Definition of admonition. a warning or a reference given with advice. Examples of exhortation in one sentence. 1. Gerald’s admonition against the other police officers served as a warning to those doing wrong in the organization.

What is the best definition for admonish?

to warn, advise or advise against something. to scold or scold, especially mild and benevolent: the teacher admonished him for excessive noise. to urge a duty; remind: to remind them of their duties.

Can you admonish someone?

Reminders are scolding. If you want to show someone that you are not happy with their behavior, admonish them. Coming into English via Old French from the Latin admonere, “guess, remember”, admonish is always used with the aim of improving a person’s behavior.

How do you use the word commence in a sentence?

Her contract begins in January. The court initiated criminal proceedings. The country has started preparing for war.

How do you use carouse in a sentence?

How do you say the word admonition?

What is an example of admonished?

His mother admonished him for screaming. We were warned for being late.

What part of speech is admonish?

ADMONISH (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan dictionary.

How do you remember the word admonish?

Mnemonics (memory aid): How to remember? “Admonish” rhymes with the word “punish”. Imagine someone warning you that they would punish you. So this person admonishes you.

What does self admonishment mean?

firm but not harsh to blame.

What does admonition mean in the giver?

a warning or a little advice – like “don’t drink and drive”. He was keenly aware of his own admonition not to talk about his education. p. 89.4.

What does admonition mean in the Bible?

Definition of admonition

1 : gentle or friendly rebuke remembered admonition to keep it simple. 2 : Advice or warning of fault or oversight. Headmaster’s admonishment against bullying.

How do you use the word pain in a sentence?

Examples of pain in one sentence

noun The drug may upset your stomach, but if you experience acute abdominal pain call your doctor. I have had chronic back pain since the accident . The drug provides 12 hours of pain relief.

How do you use evidently in a sentence?

How do you use conscience in a sentence?



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