What Is a Frat Pc?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 16, 2022

Panhellenic Council/PC – The governing body of the sororities of a particular campus. Paper Members – Generally refers to NPHC members who join without going through a new member education process.

What does PC stand for in rushing?

NPC: This stands for the National Panhellenic Conference, aka the body that governs the 26 (inter)national women’s fraternities and sororities. Potential new member (PNM): This is the PC term for rushee. A potential new member is someone who is eligible to participate in sorority recruitment.

What does PC mean in Panhellenic?

PC. Panhellenic Council. Panhellenic, Greek, Council.

What does PC MC mean sorority?

Because none of us are supposed to say things like pledge and rush anymore. PC stood for pledge class. MC is member class and is the preferred way to actually say things…

What is a Prophyte in Greek life?

Prophyte: An older member of an NPHC or cultural-based organization. A neophyte becomes a prophyte after one year or when another line is initiated. Quota: The maximum number each NPC sorority may invite to become members during the formal recruitment process.

Is Order of Omega a big deal?

Greek Leadership Honor Society

Order of Omega is the most prestigious Greek leadership honorary in the nation. Membership consists of the top 3% of Greek leaders from each campus community.

Is rushing as a sophomore weird?

Sorority recruitment is definitely an experience you won’t forget especially if you’re an upperclassman. If you’re nervous or concerned about going through Rush as a sophomore know that it is normal and you will get through it.

What is a PC person?

Word forms: PCs

If you say that someone is PC, you mean that they are extremely careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society who have a disadvantage. PC is an abbreviation for politically correct.

Is it rare to not get a bid?

Even though Panhellenic tries very hard to get a house match for every girl, sometimes a PNM does not receive a bid. This is truly a very, very rare occurrence. Most often, a PNM drops out of recruitment before bid day simply because she is unhappy with her pref party card (NEVER do this, btw!)

What is a neo in a fraternity?

Neophyte (aka “Neo”) A new member of a cultural Greek organization. New Member Presentation (aka Rollout, Probate) A formal presentation of a new line to campus. Usually done in a public forum after members have been initiated.

What is a rush crush?

A Rush Crush is a potential new member (woman going through sorority recruitment) going through sorority recruitment. She is not any potential new member. She is the It Girl. The potential new member the sorority HAS to have. The potential new member everyone is talking about.

What is a ship in Greek life?

Line: (also referred to as “Ship”): a group of new members in a specific NPHC chapter, in a specific semester. Membership Selection: the right of each sorority and fraternity to select their own members. Neophyte: New member of an NPHC organization; also called a “Neo.”

What does dirty rush mean?

Dirty rushing is when a Greek chapter specifically tells a PNM that if they want that chapter, it’s theirs. It can also include drinking/partying with PNMs and speaking to a PNM during the ‘silent period’ – the period after final party but before bid day where members of Greek Life are forbidden to speak to PNMs.

What does sands mean in Greek life?

Sands: NPHC term referring to a member that crossed/was initiated the same semester and year as yourself — though they do not have to belong to the same organization. Comes from the phrase “cross the burning sands” which means to cross over (become initiated) into full membership.

What is a frat sweetheart?

Sweetheart is a title affiliated with fraternities. Sweethearts are women chosen by the brothers, women who have “been around (the fraternity), who have hung out a lot,” said John Gilbert, a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity.

What does ACE mean in Greek life?

Ace: The first person in an intake class for a culturally-based fraternity or sorority. ( Usually organized shortest to tallest) Active: An initiated fraternity or sorority member who is affiliated with the campus chapter. Alumnus: An initiated fraternity or sorority member who is no longer in college.



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