What Is a Backstage Pass to a Concert?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 19, 2022

What does backstage at a concert mean?

A backstage pass is a pass that grants its holder access to restricted areas at a performance or conference venue most commonly associated with rock or R&B music groups, although it has since become commonplace at many entertainment venues.

What happens when you get backstage passes?

Backstage passes mean you get access to areas that others aren’t normally allowed. Such passes will make you feel like a real VIP at the shows of your favorite artists and give you the opportunity to meet your idol for some behind-the-scenes chats.

How do you get a backstage pass to a concert?

How can I get backstage without a pass?

What is a stage pass?

StagePass is the newest option for Marriott Theater subscribers! It’s the ultimate subscription for insatiable theatergoers. See it all… see it again… see it a hundred times! For one low monthly price, you can watch all of our shows as often as you like; including children’s theatre.

What do backstage crew do?

Backstage Crew: Is responsible for backstage security during all performances. Cleans the stage at the start of call time and is responsible for all set changes during a performance or rehearsal. Reverts to “Pre-Show” setting after each show.

How much do backstage passes usually cost?

How much do backstage passes usually cost? It depends on the show and the artist. It can be as low as $20 or as high as several hundred dollars.

Where is the backstage pass?

Find the backstage pass in present tense, in the back right corner of the room. Go through the gates to the backstage office with the backstage pass and get the level 3 security pass to help Freddy make the necessary repairs. Go back to the starting area through the restricted access doors on your left.

How do I meet a band after a concert?

Make sure you are at the back entrance reserved for the band. Do this with some friends as many of the back entrances are down dark alleys. Hang around after the show. Check with crew members or other fans in advance where the band will be performing.

How do you sneak into a meet and greet?

How do I meet an artist after a show?

Wait outside the venue and look out for the tour buses.

It is best to meet a singer or band outside of the venue before a concert. The artist won’t get as tired and things won’t be as hectic – most people wait for the artist after the show, not before, so there might be fewer people.

How does a concert meet and greet work?

A meet-and-greet means you get exclusive access and backstage passes after purchasing VIP tickets that you can get to before the show even starts. Buying a VIP package also means you can skip the long lines and avoid crowds, giving you an edge.

Do you have to pay for backstage casting?

Backstage fees are $12.50 per month or $150 per year. However, this price is often discounted. Recently, the site advertised a price of $75 per year for the annual subscription. (Monthly subscriptions cost twice as much.)

Why is backstage important?

When an actor works backstage, he sees the other side of things. You see the rest of the hard work that goes into a show. It helps build an understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes. Working behind the scenes not only helps you build esteem, it can also help you get hired.

What is the backstage crew called?

What is the name of the backstage crew? Those who assist or work behind the scenes are referred to as stage hands or stage technicians. Props, scenery, lights and sound are prepared by theater technicians backstage before a production begins. Crew members support designers and performers throughout the production process.



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