What Is 100 Obo?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 27, 2022

$100 or best offer means the price is negotiable [obviously no buyer will negotiate a higher price… but a buyer may bid higher to close the deal.< /p>

What does OBO price mean?

Meaning of obo in English

obo. US. Written abbreviation for or best offer: Used in advertisements for possessions people are trying to sell to show they will accept a little less money than the asking price: exercise bike for sale – $40 obo .

What OBO means?

Abbreviation. (also o.b.o.) (North American English) ​or best offer (used in classified ads to show that something can be sold for a lower price than the asking price)

What does OBO mean on offer up?

OBO ➡️ or best offer | If a seller lists an item and lists the price as “$20 OBO,” the seller will accept higher bids than the listed price. Following F or .

What is $500 OBO?

Or Best Offer

This acronym is usually added to the end of the listed price on online marketplace websites such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. For example, a contribution could be “$500 Obo”. This initialism can be in both uppercase and lowercase.

Is OBO higher or lower?

The term OBO is placed next to the price or in the listing to indicate that the seller will accept offers for the item and that the price is not the best; rather, the seller is willing to accept lower or higher offers than the listed total price.

What does OBO mean on eBay?

The meaning of “…or best offer.” – The eBay Community.

What is OBO on Craigslist?

The abbreviation OBO is often associated with classified ads. OBO means “or best offer“. Use of this term indicates that the seller will negotiate the price shown in the ad.

Does OBO mean on behalf of?

Definition. OBO. Or Best Offer (used in sale ads) OBO. Commissioned by.

How do I offer an OBO?

OBO means that the seller is willing to accept a lower offer before a sale at list price. People who say, “No low-ball offers, please.” should probably alternatively use: “Offers close to my asking price will be considered.” If the seller agrees to accept a lower offer, the sale is complete.

How do you list OBO?

You may see OBO in a listing’s description; Example: “$20 OBO.” This abbreviation means “or best offer”, indicating that you may need to ask the seller for their best offer before submitting yours.

What does shipped OBO mean?

OBO is an abbreviation for Oil-Bulk-Ore Cargo Vessel. These are specially designed vessels that carry bulk cargo in both liquid and dry form. The OBO ships are among the most modern cargo ships operating today. Other popular ships of the same type are – Combination Carriers.

What does OBO mean in Canada?

The term opposing beneficial owner or OBO is used for purposes of the Proxy Solicitation Rules of Canadian securities legislation and is defined in National Instrument 54-101 – Communication with Beneficial Owners of Securities of a Reporting Issuer .

What is $200 OBO?

According to the Urban Dictionary, OBO means “or best offer“. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, this abbreviation is used in advertisements or online marketplaces along with the price of an item someone is trying to sell.

What is 2000 Obo?

When a car salesman uses the initials “O.B.O.” in an ad, it means they are taking less than their asking price, especially the best offer someone makes. O.B.O. stands for “or best offer“, whereby the word “best” opens up a multitude of possibilities.



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