What Happens When You Break a Nalgene?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 14, 2022

If you can break a Nalgene water bottle, not only will it be replaced, but you’ll also get a free t-shirt

saying “I broke a Nalgene.”

Can you break a Nalgene?

Recently, I had one of my new BPA-free Nalgene bottles half full in the freezer. I dropped it on the floor and it broke into 5 pieces. Nalgene uses different materials and offers many different bottle models. See the company’s materials page for a breakdown.

Does Nalgene have a lifetime warranty?

We have a lifetime guarantee on all Nalgene bottles.

Will Nalgene replace broken lid?

Nalgene products are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects such as leaking/cracked/broken bottles and caps. If you purchased your Nalgene product from our webshop, please email us at [email protected] with your order number, your problem and any photos you have of the defective product.

Are Nalgene bottles toxic?

In April 2008, the FDA ruled Nalgene water bottles – those amazing, never-break, never-spill containers you rely on – as unsafe for use due to the dangerous toxicity of the plastic.


Are Nalgene unbreakable?

Even Nalgene, the company that became famous for its virtually indestructible outdoor-adventure-friendly water bottle, makes the list.

What’s so special about Nalgene bottles?

It’s simple, durable, affordable and versatile. Because of its high performance and affordable price, it deserves its place as a premium bottle. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t give its contents a weird plastic taste.

How do I fix my Nalgene cap?

What can you do with old Nalgene bottles?

  • Backcountry shower: drill holes in the lid, fill with water and hold it over your head.
  • Rodent and leak proof trash can.
  • Store valuables like keys, cash , cell phone, etc.
  • Backcountry washing machine: Throw in a pair of socks, some water, and biodegradable soap.

Is it safe to put boiling water in a Nalgene?

Nalgene bottles withstand very high temperatures (boiling water) without distorting or deteriorating in shape. Attention, avoid direct contact with flames.

Do Nalgene bottles leach chemicals?

The reports found that plastic baby bottles and the popular Nalgene brand water bottles can leach out the chemical bisphenol-A when heated.

Are Nalgene bottles Safe 2021?

There has been some controversy as to whether their products are bad for your health because they contain BPA. Since then, Nalgene has switched from using polycarbonate plastic to a completely safe BPA-free formula, so don’t worry.

What is Nalgene made of?

Nalgene containers are made from a variety of plastic types to meet virtually any laboratory application. There is a choice of chemically resistant LDPE, HDPE, FLPE and PP bottles as well as autoclavable PP, PMP and PC offerings. PETG bottles are sold pre-sterilized and have low gas permeability.

Why do Nalgenes stink?

Whether you’re using your water bottle to stay hydrated on the go or as a Nalgene protein shaker at the gym, it may have taken on a slightly stale stench. It happens when water sits too long in the bottle.

Is there BPA in Nalgene bottles?

Nalgene – The original water bottle. Made in the USA. BPA free.

How many Nalgene bottles should I drink a day?

And I’ve made it my goal to drink three full bottles a day for a total of 96 ounces – a whopping 5 ounces over the recommended amount because I’m an absolute high achiever. Carrying my Nalgene with me everywhere was a crucial step.

What is the safest water bottle?

Can you put hot coffee in a Nalgene?

Most Nalgene bottles are designed to withstand boiling water. Screw-in filters allow the user to add coffee grounds or tea, pour boiling water over the contents, secure the lid and brew the beverage.

Why do backpackers like Nalgene?

The closures are firmly attached to the bottles and cannot be lost. The volume measurements printed on the side are helpful when rehydrating dinners. The wide opening is better for drawing water from ponds and lakes than a narrow-necked bottle. Wide-mouth bottles don’t freeze as quickly in freezing weather as narrow-mouth bottles.

Why do campers use Nalgene bottles?

Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle

This simple camping water bottle has been a favorite among campers for many years. At its core, this is a simple plastic water bottle that doesn’t leak and can help you stay hydrated.



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