What Happens if You Dont Poison the Emperor in Skyrim?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 21, 2022

Poison or no poison, you will be forced to kill the Emperor. If you use the poison, he will keel over from it. If you choose not to use it, he’ll just keep eating soup until you decide to kill him. Basically, the end result is always the same.

What happens if you don’t add poison the Emperor in Skyrim?

If you haven’t added the poison, the Emperor and his guests will keep sipping their soup until you assassinate him, which is easy since he only has 1 point of health.

What happens if you dont kill the Emperor?

No. Killing the Emperor is an integral part of the DB storyline. If he were allowed to live, no one would fear the Dark Brotherhood… and therefore have no power or influence in Skyrim.

Can you kill the Emperor in Skyrim without getting a bounty?

With the Poisoned perk in the Pickpocket tree, an easy way to kill the Emperor without being detected is to give him a Frenzy Poison. This will result in the guards attacking the Emperor while the Dragonborn can hide in the next room.

Can I spare the Emperor Skyrim?

He’s not worth sparing. Government cannot function when people who owe their loyalty to the Empire and the Emperor act dishonestly and treacherously. Titus Mede was thinking of empire, not just personal revenge, a betrayal of the emperor is a betrayal of the empire.

How much do you get for killing the Emperor in Skyrim?

In TES V: Skyrim, this is how the Dark Brotherhood gets the order to kill the Emperor, in exchange for 20,000 gold and the amulet you give to Delvin Mallory for a 15,000 gold bill of credit or services.

Can you save Nazir?

You can try to help him, but his death is scripted and he will die even if you kill the agents around him. You can’t save him.

Can you join the Imperials after killing the Emperor?

Yes, you can kill the Emperor and still join the Legion. Your choices don’t matter because your choices have no consequences.

What happens if you embrace the night mother?

Hug the Night Mother

The Night Mother communicates with the Dragonborn and tells them to hug her as it is the only way to survive. Open her sarcophagus and enter. The screen will go black and she will tell the Dragonborn to sleep.

Could the Dragonborn become Emperor?

If the Dragonborn wanted to become Emperor, there would have been an implication. There aren’t any, so he doesn’t. The Dragonborn has declared ambitions, life goals, etc. killing Miraak, killing Harkon and defeating Alduin.

Should I lie to Nazir about the payment Skyrim?

The Dragonborn may choose to lie about the actual reward amount, but of no consequence. Nazir hints that the money could be used to repair and upgrade the Sanctuary by speaking to Delvin Mallory of the Thieves Guild in Where You Hang Your Enemy’s Head…

How do I get rid of a 1000 bounty in Skyrim?

There are three main ways to get rid of a bounty: Pay it, serve time in jail, and get out with your thaneship. You can also try to kill witnesses or, if you’re a member of the Thieves Guild, bribe yourself out.

Can I go back to Solitude after killing Emperor?

Is it possible to return to solitude after this quest and just pay a fine or go to jail, or will I just be attacked/killed right away? Everything will be fine, the worst that will happen is a big bounty. The faction quests in Skyrim don’t actually do anything different. I personally agree with you.

Is killing the Emperor Canon Skyrim?

So the “fact” that he then went to Akavir is just speculation in the game’s own universe. But in Skyrim’s DB questline you have the opportunity (although well hidden) to destroy the Dark Brotherhood and thereby save the Emperor’s life. Which ending is canon .

How much gold should I tell Nazir I got?

Talk to Nazir about the strike against the Emperor and he will ask what the last payment was. Your options are: reveal the full 20,000 gold or two different lies where you say you only got 10,000 or 5,000 gold.

Is there any benefit to killing Amaund Motierre?

After collecting the reward, the Dragonborn has an opportunity to kill Motierre. This provides the benefit of collecting some rare gems from his corpse and potentially getting an inheritance from him.



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