What Happens if Ethan Drinks the Poison?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 21, 2022

If Ethan drinks the poison, he will receive the last letters of Shaun’s address and a clock counting down to his death. It is later revealed that the poison will not actually kill Ethan, although it appears to taste or feel unpleasant when ingested.

Is Ethan The origami Killer?

Ethan is framed as an origami killer and locked in his cell with dozens of origami figures, where he hangs himself. Ethan is locked up; Shaun survives. Ethan is proven innocent and he is released from prison and greeted by Shaun and Grace, where it is implied that they will try to mend their relationship.

What is the password Heavy Rain?

On your third try, “Max” will be one of the options; this is the correct password. After unlocking the computer, Madison finds the address where Shaun Mars is being held.

Do you have to cut off Ethan’s finger?

In real life, Ethan’s finger would likely spurt blood continuously without the metal rod cauterizing it. When Ethan chooses not to cut off his finger, he is later shot in the shoulder by a police officer while fleeing the apartment. To avoid being shot by the police, he has to cut off his finger.

Should I shoot the guy in Heavy Rain?

In some concept art for the game, Ethan was apparently originally supposed to stab Brad, not shoot him. Although Brad’s shotgun can easily deal fatal damage, Ethan cannot die in this chapter.

Why does Ethan have blackouts?

During this chapter, a rift between Ethan and his remaining son becomes apparent; Shaun is quiet and melancholy, and Ethan is wracked with guilt over his failure to save Jason. At the end of the chapter, it is revealed that Ethan is experiencing strange blackouts that cause him to lose consciousness, presumably as a result of the accident.

What happens if you save Scott in Heavy Rain?

Scot. If Scott dies, he gets the ending of “Origami’s Grave”. If Scott survives while rescuing Lauren in Trapped, he will receive the A Mother’s Revenge ending. If Scott survives in Trapped while Lauren is dead, he gets the Unpunished ending.

How many endings does heavy rain have?

Heavy Rain is the action-adventure crime thriller from David Cage and Quantic Dream. As such, it has a few different ways it can end, so 17 to be precise. And just in case you don’t have 100 hours to go through every ending, we’ve detailed all of Heavy Rain’s endings here for you.

How do you save Madison in Heavy Rain?

The only way Madison can survive the explosion is by the refrigerator or the “safe” window (the one near the microwave). Once Madison is safe, she can call either Ethan or Jayden to let them know about Shaun’s whereabouts.

Does Heavy Rain have a sequel?

It was Quantic Dream’s next game after Heavy Rain, with which it shares some similarities in terms of gameplay and style. The two games were packaged together and released as Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection on March 2, 2016.

How do you escape the police in Heavy Rain?

The only way for Ethan to escape this chapter unscathed is to fail the third trial and get caught by the police at the apartment. Otherwise, he’ll either be shot by the cops trying to escape, or he’ll be missing part of his finger when Madison arrives to help him escape.

How many trials are there in Heavy Rain?

Ethan Mars is the ninth father to go through this process and each trial is played as a chapter. Assuming Ethan makes it to The Old Warehouse, the killer mentions that he’s the first father to successfully complete all five exams.

Can you save Shaun without drinking poison?

You will have enough time to rescue your son and bid him farewell, but then you will die. You can drink the flask or choose to leave it. It’s your decision. Ethan must drink the poison, complete the process and receive the final portions of the speech, or exit the process and fail.

What is Norman Jayden addicted to?

Triptocaine, commonly called “Tripto”, is a fictional drug in Heavy Rain. Special Agent and Profiler Norman Jayden is addicted to it. It is presented as a slightly luminous light blue powder in a small vial. The route of administration is insufflation (“sniffing”).

What happened to Ethan’s wife in Heavy Rain?

After the death of their son, Grace and Ethan divorced (possibly sometime in April 2011, based on Ethan’s statement in “Welcome, Norman” that they had been separated for six months). They share custody of Shaun, with Ethan seeing him throughout the week and Grace seeing him on the weekends.



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