What Happens at the End of Parasyte?

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After his son Kim Ki-woo wakes up in the hospital, he returns to the house to see a flash of light. He remembers how Geun-se used to send Morse code signals out of the basement with it. He translates the lightning into a letter from his father describing his escape and finding shelter in the park’s basement.

How does the Parasyte anime end?

By the end of the series, Migi doesn’t have that parasite mentality anymore, just like Reiko. The fact that he was willing to die to allow Shinichi to escape from Gotou proves that he, too, put someone else’s life before his own.

Does Parasyte have happy ending?

The end included. It felt a little rushed, but I’m a sucker for nice happy endings. I personally enjoyed it. I also disagree with a lot of the complaints about the series, but I’m the kind of person who usually enjoys anime unless something serious puts me off.

Who does Shinichi Izumi end up with?

Plot. Satomi is Shinichi Izumi’s greatest love interest and develops a special bond with him throughout the story.

Will Migi ever wake up?

While he sleeps, Migi cannot sense anything from the outside world and will not wake up until he has had enough sleep. Once asleep, the signal it sends out is weaker than normal, which several parasites have noticed.

Does Shinichi get Migi back?

-OR the leftover Migi cells in Shinichi’s body will regrow and create a new Migi but he will not have any of the memories of the original Migi, but they can become friends again and Shinichi will be his Recover Arm.

Does Shinichi tell anyone about Migi?

He trusted her and she became his confidant. At that moment it can be implied that Shinichi probably told her all about Migi that was dormant inside him. Even if that wasn’t the case, she probably knew about Migi towards the end of the series when Uragami confronted the two.

Does Shinichi still have his powers?

After the death of Reiko Tamura, however, Shinichi returns to his former emotional state where he finally accepts the death of his mother and Kana Kimishima that he has regained the ability to cry. Shinichi’s opinion on Parasites changes a lot throughout the series.

Will there be a season 2 of Parasyte?

Despite its popularity, Madhouse Studio never renewed Parasyte – the maxim – for Season 2. Based on where and how the anime ended, it seems unlikely that another season will happen. The story ended similar to the plot of the original manga.

Does Parasyte end on a cliff hanger?

The biggest cliffhanger in this anime occurs when Shinichi’s heart is destroyed by a parasite controlling his mother’s body. Though Migi warned him that the body was no longer his mother, Shinichi still gave hope. A metallic blade suddenly pierced his heart and the creature left him for dead.

Is Migi a girl or boy?


In the untranslated Parasyte manga, Migi’s gender is never stated or addressed. In fact, he is simply addressed as “Watashi”.

Is Migi the strongest Parasyte?

Miki is one of the strongest parasites we encounter throughout the series. He is an experienced fighter who relies heavily on his physical strength. One of the parasites in Gotou’s body, he is extremely resourceful and can beat most competitors.

Who dies in Parasyte anime?

Who is the main villain in Parasyte?

Gotou is the main antagonist of the anime/manga series Parasyte. He is the most powerful parasite in Takeshi Hirokawa’s organization and an experimental parasite created by Reiko Tamura.

How did Kana sense parasites?

As Kana’s powers increased, Migi said that Kana began to emit a signal of her own that other parasites could sense.

Did Migi save Murano in the end?

As Uragami attempts to throw Murano out of the building, Shinichi is able to run over and incapacitate him, and with Migi’s help he rescues Murano.

What should I watch after Parasyte?

Does Shinichi lose his emotions?

After Reiko Tamura’s death, Shinichi reverts to his former emotional state, eventually accepting the deaths of his mother and Kanas, and regaining the ability to cry.

Is Parasyte anime over?

There is no second season because the creator of the manga and anime never created anything other than where the story ended. Also, there will be no second season as the story is complete, the conflict resolved and overall a second season would add nothing and serve no purpose.

What is Migi in Parasyte?

Migi is the deuteragonist of the manga and anime series Parasyte. He is a parasite who attempted to take over Shinichi Izumi’s body but was ultimately only able to take over his right hand, which also allowed Shinichi to retain his individuality.



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