What Happened to Wes on Damages?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 24, 2022

He reappears in the season 3 finale after Ellen realizes his connection to the late Rick Messer. Krulik then finds Arthur Frosbisher to advise him to stand himself up for the murder of David Connor.

Who is Wes on Damages Season 2?

Ellen is unaware that Patty is suspicious of her and that Frobisher’s criminal connections apparently extend to her new boyfriend, Wes (Timothy Olyphant).

Who is Wes Krulik in damages?

Timothy Olyphant: Wes Krulik.

What happened at the end of Season 2 Damages?

Uncle Pete ends up at the wrong end of the FBI investigation, but tries to kill himself instead of giving any information about Patty. And then, while he’s in the hospital, someone gets murdered him. I think it might have been one of his young punk friends, so he wouldn’t give the FBI any information about the young punks.

Who did Ellen Parsons marry damages?

What happens to Wes Krulik in Damages?

He reappears in the Season 3 finale after Ellen realizes his connection to the late Rick Messer. Krulik then finds Arthur Frosbisher to advise him to stand himself up for the murder of David Connor.

What happens to Patty Hewes?

Patty begins to see Ellen’s true potential and decides to mentor her. However, at the very end of the case, Patty blackmails Frobisher’s attorney, Ray Fiske (Ċ½eljko Ivanek), and he commits suicide in Patty’s office.

Who played Michael’s girlfriend in Damages?

Kiley Liddell: Catherine Hewes

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Who is Daniel in Damages?

William Hurt: Daniel Purcell

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Who is Michael in Damages?

What did the ending of Damages mean?

The point was that Ellen was obsessed with winning and being the best just like Patty, and she realized she was willing to do things to win that weren’t really her< /b>. So she quit while she still could.

What happened to Patty’s husband on Damages?

Not much is known about him after finalizing his divorce with Patty. But he is seen again when he has a play date with his newborn child and Catherine. He’s remarried and a new father and expresses his concern about Michael’s continued disappearance.

What happens to Frobisher on Damages?

Frobisher was shot dead by a former employee in the final episode of season one. This page uses content from Wikipedia licensed under Creative Commons (show authors).

What happens to Michael in Damages?

He was last seen in Season 5 when he was shot and killed while he and Patty were in a custody battle over his daughter, Catherine Hewes.

Who is Kate season 5 Damages?

Played by Janet McTeer.

What is season 5 of Damages based on?

The fifth and final season is based on WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.

Who killed Tom Shayes on damages?

Tom was one of the victims of the Tobins’ scam as he and his in-laws had invested money with an investor who had invested with the Tobins. Tom was killed by Joe Tobin as seen in the season 3 finale “The Next Ones Gonna Go in Your Throat”.

How did season 3 of damages end?

Solution: Joe Tobin murdered Tom. Michael ran into Patty’s car. Martin Short got away with the Tobin money. Patty sacrificed her child for her career a million ago and may or may not still feel guilty.

Who is Dave Pell in damages?

Damage (TV Series 2007-2012) – Clarke Peters as Dave Pell – IMDb.

What happened to Patty on Damages?

It turns out that Patty still has her law practice in New York, showing that Patty did not become an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court as previously thought, but in hers office remains. Ellen, on the other hand, left the law firm and dedicated her life to her family.



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