What Happened to Shambo From Survivor?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 6, 2022

Where is Shambo from Survivor today?

Shambo is at home in Renton, working, relaxing with dogs and lifting people up. Let’s clear up a few things first. Shambo did not lose her tribe’s fishing gear, nor did she release the tribe’s chickens, an important source of protein when food was scarce. Shambo is Shannon Waters of Renton.

Was Shambo really a Marine?

Shannon “Shambo” Waters is a contestant on Survivor: Samoa. A former US Marine, Shambo is best remembered for her eccentric personality in-game and mutual dislike for her own Galu tribemates, most notably Laura Morett and Dave Ball.

Does Shambo play Survivor again?

And Shambo basically said, ‘I don’t ever want to do that again. ‘ We would have loved her too. But either way, I think their story is similar in that they don’t want Survivor to rule their lives and they feel like once was enough. And that’s it.”

Where is Brett from Survivor: Samoa now?

Brett is single and currently living in Los Angeles, California.

Where is Natalie White now?

Natalie is currently in a relationship and lives in Van Buren, Ark. Her date of birth is April 22.

Where is Shannon Waters now?

The University of British Columbia.

Who’s the best Survivor player of all time?

What does John Fincher do for a living?

Organic. Fincher is a rocket scientist and competed in Samoa where he placed ninth. Fincher claims “winning” is his favorite hobby (although he hasn’t won Samoa). Not only is he smart, he’s also a former semi-pro soccer player.

What kind of doctor is Mick from Survivor?

Hometown: Los Angeles, California. Smart, funny, charming and a doctor, Mick is every woman’s dream and every man’s nightmare. At 33, this Idaho import is a Resident Anesthesiologist at UCLA who takes great pride in his hard work.

Has there been any lesbians on Survivor?

One of the better known lesbian women in Survivor and one of the best players is Shambo. Shambo, a former Marine, came to her tribe with anger and was known to feud with her own Alliance members Laura Morett and Dave Ball.

How did Russell not win Survivor: Samoa?

The manipulative villain came close to winning twice – he was second to Natalie White in Samoa and third to Sandra Diaz-Twine and Parvati Shallow in Heroes vs. Villains – but has never claimed victory in part on poor jury management.

What is the best season of Survivor?

What is Erik from Survivor doing now?

But he returned for Survivor: Caramoan, where producers had to medically evacuate him due to an infection. Now Erik is a graphic designer, married with one child. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly in February 2021, Erik spoke about his time on Survivor: Micronesia.

Did Erika change Survivor history?

She made history by changing history. Twice! Not only did Erika Casupanan set the world record for the number of times she described herself as a lion dressed like a lamb, she also made history as the first Canadian to win Survivor and the first woman to win the game since 1843 >

Who voted for Russell on Survivor: Samoa?



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