What Happened to Humans in Nier Automata?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 1, 2022

In NieR:Automata it is revealed that the Gestalt project failed because Nier killed the Shadowlord and humanity became extinct within a thousand years.

Why did humans leave this world NieR Replicant?

Q: Why have humans disappeared from the world? A: Because of a black disease.

Are the humans in Automata Replicants?

The Replicants were new bodies created by Project Gestalt in the original NieR. In NieR: Automata we are told that the last remaining humans actually went to the moon after aliens invaded Earth.

Is Emil The last human?

8 He is the last remaining human in the Nier Universe

By the time of Automata, it is believed that humanity is gone. But technically, one person is still alive, Emil! That’s right, the character that ends up looking the least human is actually the last one to exist.

Can humans extend their lives Nier?

“I ask: How can people extend their lives?” “I answer: By separating body and soul.”

How did humans turn into shades Nier?

10 Most people willingly turned into shadows

Due to the disease known as White Chlorination Syndrome, all people turned into salt. In researching science and magic, governments found the solution to severing humans from their bodies before they would die.

Who created androids in NieR:Automata?

The YoRHa androids were first developed around the year 11937 by a male android named Zinnia working on the “Labo” orbital research base, a replacement for the destroyed sixth orbital base “Kaguya”. Zinnia had previously been working on a radical new Android powerhouse based on the technology used in Machine Cores,…

Are all NieR games connected?

While the NieR games each have their own unique stories and characters, they are much more closely connected than one might expect. The shortcuts are subtle – each game is designed to be fun on its own with no prior knowledge required – but they are there.

Is NieR RepliCant protagonist human?

The protagonist of NieR RepliCant and its remake is a young man who desperately searches for a cure for the disease his sister Yonah suffers from, known as the Black Scrawl.< /p> >

How did Emil clone himself?

It turns out Emil had created this place in memory of Kaine, and it was a reminder of how he now lived in a world his friends were trying to save. Emil tells us that when the machines attacked Earth, he resorted to making copies of himself to defend himself against them.

Why does Emil wear a mask?

There’s the obvious factor – he wears a mask during interviews and public appearances and says that he wants games to stand on their own and that he finds it more appealing to players to have an alien character seen as an old man.

Why doesn’t Yoko Taro show his face?

Yoko went on to explain that he doesn’t think he’s handsome and doesn’t want to show his face to everyone. Yoko credited his gloomy view of himself as part of his general “rottenness,” stating that despite his success, he “still sees himself as someone who hasn’t succeeded in life.”



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