What Happened to Getjar?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 23, 2022

Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management are among the investors. GetJar was launched in 2004 by developers for developers as a beta testing platform for apps. The platform started providing free apps in early 2005. In February 2014, GetJar was acquired by Sungy Mobile.

Can you trust GetJar?

However, GetJar is not as reliable as Play Store or other alternatives due to the following issues: Apps are of unreliable origin. GetJar lists hacking tools. Social network “Like Hack” tools are also available.

How many people use GetJar?

With over 470 million downloads completed, the company averages 1 million downloads each day. These downloads come from over 200 countries and over 10 million unique users every month.

What is the GetJar app?

GetJar allows software developers to upload their applications for free through a developer portal. As of June 2010, approximately 300,000 software developers added apps to GetJar, resulting in over a billion downloads.

When was Jar app launched?

Founded in May 2021 by Misbah Ashraf and Nischay AG, Jar launched its gold-based savings product in June. It currently has a registered user base of 4.7 million compared to 400,000 in September.

What does Android call their app store?

The Google Play Store app brings you apps, games and digital content for your device. The Play Store app is preinstalled on Android devices that support Google Play and can be downloaded on some Chromebooks.



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