What Happened to Free Market Maplestory?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 1, 2022

The Free Market is a central trading post where players can trade with other users. It used to allow players to set up personal shops, but this method has been removed and replaced with the auction house.

Where can I sell stuff in MapleStory?

You can freely buy and sell various Maple World items on the Auction House! You can get there via Eggrich via Quick Move, or you can also enter by clicking Auction House in the game menu.

Where is the auction house MapleStory?

You can reach the auction house in town via the menu > Maple Auction. Alternatively, you can use Quick Move > Maple Auction.

Where is the free market entrance MapleStory?

How do you get free pets in MapleStory?

MapleStory Ninja Castle Dungeon

Ninja Castle is a themed dungeon that you can visit three times a day to earn a free pet. It starts at level 170 and requires you to complete several puzzle quests and then a boss fight against the giant Gigatoad. It drops the item Mr Toad pet which lasts 30 days.

How does maple tour work?

Does reboot have auction house?

Reboot is good for players who:

enjoy a structured approach to developing their character, as reboot players often have a clearer path they cannot buy items on the auction house to skip their progress.

How do I sell items in Maplestory M?

  • STEP 1: Select an item to [Sell].
  • STEP 2: [Enter] a price for the item.
  • STEP 3: A Message confirming the listing will be displayed.
  • STEP 4: An item for sale will remain on hold for a period of time.
  • STEP 5: If an item does not sell within 24 hours it will be sent back to you free of charge. (



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