What Happened to Axe Island Deodorant?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 28, 2022

Did AXE change their deodorant?

Clear Formula Deodorant Sticks: The new deodorant sticks feature a new clear formula without aluminum or parabens for a smoother glide.

Is AXE the same as Lynx?

Axe or Lynx is a brand of men’s grooming products owned by British company Unilever and marketed to the younger male demographic. It is marketed as Lynx in the UK, Ireland, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Did AXE discontinue dark temptation?

From the United States. I was delighted to find this favorite shape and scent of Ax deodorant which has been discontinued.

at all local retailers

Which AXE deodorant is a white solid?

AXE Invisible Solid White Label Island Antitranspirant Deodorant.

Is AXE deodorant still popular?

Today, the iconic ad campaign feels petrified, obsessed with a bygone vision of manhood. (Axe was rebranded in 2016, and while the company still has more than $1 billion in global annual revenue – comparable to where it was a decade ago – it saw a year-over-year decline in the division for cultural seal of approval.)

How is Axe doing?

Axe’s Facebook page has lost 5% fewer likes and followers year on year since at least 2017. That’s a significant drop, because on Facebook, losing followers means users manually “dislike” the brand, which is an indictment for any social media marketing manager.

Is Axe better than Lynx?

Lynx and Ax are the same products with different names for different markets. Lynx is a Unilever product and is used in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The same product Lynx is known as Axe in other countries.

What were the original Lynx scents?

Lynx, originally marketed under the Axe name, was later introduced to our UK boys in 1985. Kickstart with three separate scents: amber, musk and spice. Absolute classics. But that’s not all.

What company owns Axe?

Contact Unilever about Axe

If you have any questions or comments about Axe, please visit our Contact Us page.

Do they still make Lynx Apollo?

Now available as a 48-hour antiperspirant, this classic fragrance is designed to keep you cool no matter where the heat is coming from. Increase your sweat protection with Lynx Apollo Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 150ml and Lynx Apollo Body Wash 250ml.

When did lynx Java come out?

Java was released in 1990 and it was the later fragrances of Africa (which brought them back), Inca and my favourite, Atlantis that give me serious 90’s memories.

When did Lynx Africa come out?

Launched in 1995, the Lynx Africa variant, with its recognizable green and red coloring and spicy, woody aroma, is the most popular body spray fragrance in the UK, selling over 20 million units a year sold.


Who owns Lynx Africa?

Lynx, one of the world’s best-known men’s grooming brands and owned by Unilever, is celebrating the 25thyear anniversary of its longest-running and hugely popular fragrance Africa with a redesigned limited edition range of the award-winning Brand design agency PB Creative.

Does Axe deodorant have aluminum in it?

Formulated without aluminum or parabens for lasting freshness and total odor protection. Apply men’s deodorant to clean, dry underarms for a fragrant feel all day long. Fresher with every swipe. Do you love this scent?

What scent is Axe night?

Axe describes Night as “a cool rush of grapefruit, lavender, cedarwood and praline notes, and it’s a much more pleasant scent than the Ax you’re used to.



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