What Happened Morrow Snowboard?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 17, 2022

Between 1989 and 1996, Morrow Snowboard’s explosive growth kept investors lining up to take advantage of the quirky Salem snowboard maker’s stock. But last year the ride suddenly got bumpy. There were too many boards and not enough buyers. Sales fell as the snowboard industry wallowed in excess inventory.

Is Morrow Snowboards still in business?

Since 1989, Morrow has grown from 2 employees to over 200 and into a new 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility. As America’s first major snowboard manufacturer, Morrow maintains control over design, production, quality and testing.

Is Morrow a good brand snowboard?

Morrows are decent low-end boards. Morrow Lithium was my main board for 2 seasons. Sure, it suffers compared to my Heritage, but it’s a hell of a sight to behold than most rentals. Read the Member Policies.

Who bought Morrow Snowboards?

Morrow Snowboards, Inc. and K2 Inc. announced on March 26, 1999 that K2 had acquired the Morrow snowboard brand for $3.2 million in cash.

What happened to Division 23 snowboard company?

Registered. I wouldn’t buy any. The original company went out of business in the late 1990s. The brand was bought and slapped on some boards in the early ’00s and then disappeared.

Who started Morrow Snowboards?

Morrow Snowboards was founded in 1989 by Neil Morrow and his cousin Robert, a former world junior snowboard champion. Sales totaled approximately $500,000 in the first year.

Is 5150 a good snowboard brand?

They are a very low quality brand that doesn’t have quality products. They’re basically a super budget company that caters to newbies who refuse to spend big bucks. Your girl could probably get by with a 5150 if she’s brand new and you don’t think she’ll make any progress quickly.

Are Ride Snowboards good?

We have ridden many ride snowboards over the years and can attest that they are some of the highest quality snowboards out there. They are constantly innovating and looking for new ways to bring more fun to snowboards.

What snowboard size do I need?

What happened to JP Walker?

According to court documents, Walker suffered serious physical injuries, including traumatic brain injury, a fractured skull, fractured spine and face, nine fractured ribs, a fractured collarbone and sacrum, a subdural hematoma, reduced mobility and cognition, and was put into a medically induced coma.

What happened to Glissade Snowboards?

Glissade Snowboards becomes PG&E’s 10,000th solar power customer. You can now buy our snowboards and softgoods directly on our website. Click here for details.

Why did Forum Snowboards go out of business?

But even under Burton’s wing, the business was not profitable after 8 years. As a result, Burton realized it was time to get out of them to better focus and invest in the Burton brand. As a result, Burton will exit Foursquare, Forum and Special Blend globally after this season.



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