What Episode Does Kurenai Give Birth to Her Baby?

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What episode is Kurenai’s baby born?

“The Price of Power” Ep. 89 Reaction from Naruto Shippuden – YouTube.

When did Kurenai Yūhi get pregnant?

The truth about their relationship became clear in Part II when Kurenai revealed that she is pregnant with Asuma’s daughter, Mirai Sarutobi.

Do Asuma and Kurenai have a baby?

It is revealed that Kurenai and Asuma have a child. The two have collaborated on numerous occasions throughout the series. Kurenai keeps a photograph and an altar of Asuma in her home, which she and Mirai pray to. Eventually, Kurenai’s last name changed from Yuhi to Sarutobi.

Does Kurenai Sensei have a baby?

Mirai is the daughter of Kurenai Yūhi and Asuma Sarutobi

Why does Kurenai have red eyes?

It’s just a defining feature in the Yūhi and now Sarutobi family. Kurenai inherited it from her father. Like his daughter, Shinku had very distinctive red ring eyes.

Does Kurenai have special eyes?

Does her eye have special abilities like Sharingan or Byakugan? Actually the answer is still no. They have no special abilities.

Does Asuma know that Kurenai is pregnant?

Asuma finds out that Kurenai is pregnant and ends up telling Shikamaru directly what the king is.

Who made Kurenai pregnant?

Shikamaru makes Kurenai pregnant – Anime and Manga – Naruto Message Board – GameFAQs.

Is Asuma alive in Boruto?

Asuma died fighting Hidan and Shikamaru was the one tasked with telling a pregnant Kurenai of her lover’s death.

Who married Gaara?

The closest Gaara came to marriage was in the light novel Gaara Hidden: A Sandstorm Mirage, where he was promised to a woman named Hakuto. During this story we find out that she was in love with another man and that ended up being the end of Garra’s arranged marriage.

Who did Neji marry?

7 Neji & Tenten

By the end of Naruto, most ninja from Konoha 11 were married and had children.

Who did konohamaru marry?

The Couple

KonoHana (コノハナ KonoHana) is the term used to describe the romantic relationship between Konohamaru Sarutobi and Hanabi Hyūga.

Who is the king Asuma?

Asuma Sarutobi (猿飛アスマ, Sarutobi Asuma) was a Jōnin of the Sarutobi Clan of Konohagakur and a special friend of the Twelve Watch Ninja. He was also the leader of Team 10, which consists of Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka and Chōji Akimichi.

Does Kakashi have a kid?

Ken (ケン, Ken) is a shinobi from Konohagakure and a member of the Hatake clan. He is the only child of Kakashi Hatake and Mina. He’s just as brilliant as his father, but he’s also playful and doesn’t take things as seriously as his mother.

How old is Kakashi in Boruto?

Around this time, Boruto is born, making Kakashi around 36. We know that Boruto is 12 years old at the beginning of his journey, the same age as his father Naruto. That would mean Kakashi is about 48 years old at the start of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

What is Kurenai’s last name?

Kurenai Yūhi (Kurenai Yuhi, Yūhi Kurenai) is one of the minor characters of the Naruto and Boruto universe. She is a jōnin-level kunoichi from Konohagakure.

Who kills Asuma?

Asuma was killed in episode 80 of the Shippuuden anime. He was killed by Hidan, an extremely powerful immortal Akatsuki wielding a long-range three-pronged scythe. His technique allows him to “bond” with his opponent and whatever pain he takes, so does his opponent.

Is Asuma weak?

Asuma has demonstrated unleashing wind, and his military prowess is remarkable. Asuma is only considered weaker here because of his passing at the hands of Hidan. It is safe to assume that he actually defeated Hidan during his time as one of the twelve Guardian Ninjas.



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