What Does Word Chrono Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 30, 2022

Chrono- a combination form meaning “time”, used in the formation of compound words: chronometer. Also especially before a vowel, chron-.

What does the Latin word Chrono mean?

before vowels chron-, word-forming element meaning “time“, from the Latin form of the Greek khronos “time, a definite time, a life, a season, a while”, which from is of uncertain origin.

Is Crono a word?

Crono’s definition means time. An example of using chrono as a prefix is ​​the word chronological, meaning ordered by date.

What are some Chrono words?

What does Chrono mean in Greek?

Chrono- is a combination form, used like a prefix, meaning “time”. It is used in some scientific and medical terms. Chrono- comes from the Greek chrónos, meaning “time”. The adjective chronic, meaning “constant” or “habitual,” is also derived from this root.

What does Chron mean in chronicle?

-chron- comes from the Greek and has the meaning “time“. This meaning is found in words like: anachronism, chronic, chronicle, chronology, synchronize.

What does the name Dromos mean?

History and etymology of dromos

Greek dromos, racecourse, course, public walk.

How do you use Chrono in a sentence?

Equipped with a chronograph, the Breitling Chrono Avenger is the perfect watch to accompany you on the rockiest of journeys.

Is Chrono a Scrabble word?

No, Chrono is not in the Scrabble dictionary.

What was Chronos the god of?

KRONOS (Kronos) was the king of the titans and the god of time, especially time when it is seen as a destructive, all-consuming force. He ruled the cosmos during the Golden Age after castrating and deposing his father Ouranos (Uranus, Sky).

Are Chronos and Kronos the same?

Kronos, also called (Cronus), is [Saturn] in Roman mythology and the Titan father of Zeus [Jupiter]. The Greek god of time is Chronos, who is an archetype of Kronos, while Zas is the archetype of Zeus.

What does Chrono mean on a watch?

The term “chronograph” means “time recorder” and usually refers to watches with a stopwatch function. Like a stopwatch, you can use a chronograph to measure time. It also displays the time and often the date.



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