What Does True Mileage Unknown Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 18, 2022

A “True Mileage Unknown,” or TMU vehicle has an odometer reading that is inaccurate. Dealers will “Roll back” odometers to increase the value of a vehicle. A 30,000 mile car has much less mechanical wear and tear than a 100,000 mile car.

What does it mean when miles are not actual?

Not Actual (N) – The exact distance the vehicle has traveled is unknown. The reading that displays on the odometer does not reflect the actual mileage and should not be relied on. The title issued in the new customer’s name will show an odometer brand of “NOT ACTUAL”. This brand is permanent and cannot be changed.

How do I know if my mileage is genuine?

What is true mileage?

True Mileage develops mileage-based logging devices for taxi services and insurance firms. The company’s devices generate a summary of mileage, error codes, and other driving information. It provides insurance companies with usage-based insurance solutions which include vehicle devices, data transfer, and analytics.

Can mileage be faked?

Odometer fraud is the disconnection, resetting or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated. NHTSA estimates that more than 450,000 vehicles are sold each year with false odometer readings. This crime costs American car buyers more than $1 billion annually.

Can you sell a car with mileage discrepancy?

Selling a car with mileage discrepancy might seem a thing of the past but it happens on a daily basis. The seller can use it for earning more money out of the trading even nowadays. The mileage discrepancy refers to misrepresenting the mileage of the automobile.

How do I correct mileage on CARFAX?

How do you tell if a digital odometer has been rolled back?

Check for physical signs of odometer tampering – Inspect the odometer to make sure that all the numbers are readable, there are no gaps between the numbers, and the numbers do not appear crooked. Any of those signs point to a high possibility that the odometer was rolled back.

How do I know the mileage of my odometer is broken?

An odometer scanner can be used to get the mileage from a broken odometer by connecting into the Onboard Diagnostics Port (OBD) and accessing the vehicle’s odometer memory. The mileage is then displayed on the screen of the scan tool.

How do I know if my car meter is tampered with?

You will notice that the digits are not properly aligned. The other way to detect the tempering is to check the odometer when the vehicle is about to cross 10,000 km. In tempered odometers, the digits will not turn properly and won’t click in its place.

How do you find the actual mileage of a car?



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