What Does Tossing Off Mean in the Uk?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 24, 2022

What does toss off mean in British slang?

Definition of throw away

1 informal : produce (something) quickly and without much effort He threw away a few lines of poetry. 2 informal : drink (something) quickly He poured a sip of whiskey. 3 British informal + rude : touching or rubbing one’s privates for sexual pleasure : masturbating.

What does a toss off mean?

doing something quickly, easily and almost inattentively: no one knew she could deliver such a subtle and soulful performance.

What does getting off mean in the UK?

(intransitive, slang) Experiencing great pleasure, especially sexual pleasure; especially to experience an orgasm. Quotes ▼ It takes more than a picture in a girlie magazine for me to relegate. (intransitive, slang, UK) kissing; to cuddle. I’d like to get off with him after the party.

What does toss up mean in slang?

A toss-up is a situation in which no outcome or choice is clearly better or more likely than another. If it looks like both basketball teams could realistically win, you could call this game a toss-up. Your favorite flavor of ice cream might be a combination of vanilla and strawberry.

What is a toss boy?

The Toss Boys (トスボーイズ, Tosu Bōizu?) are a trio of two boys, Ao-kun and Kii-yan, and one girl, Aka-chan. In Rhythm Tengoku’s Rhythm Game Toss Boys, they toss a ball back and forth while calling each other’s names. Each of their names reflects the color of their hair and clothes.

What does guzzle mean in a sentence?

Fast, greedy and usually drink in large quantities: He drank his beer and ordered another one. Use large amounts of gas very quickly: The car uses a gallon of gas every 15 miles.

What does tossing around mean?

Discussing opportunities or new ideas with a group of people: Some of us made suggestions to improve the show.

What does it mean to swill someone?

1 : drinking or eating freely, greedily or in excess.

What does making a toast mean?

A toast is a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor or goodwill. The term may be applied to the person or thing so honored, the drink taken, or the verbal expression accompanying the drink.

What does get off mean with a girl?

Definition of getting out with (someone)

: having sex with (someone) : starting a sexual relationship with (someone) She found out he had gotten out with someone else Mrs.

What does it mean when a guy gets off?

(intransitive, slang) To experience orgasm or other sexual pleasure; become sexually aroused. You can’t get out of my bedroom.

How do you say get off in English?

  • get off.
  • get off.
  • get off.
  • get off.
  • get off.
  • Escape.
  • Exit.

Is tossing throwing?

Definition of Toss. Verb (used with object) thrown or (literally) tost; throw. throw, toss or fling, throw particularly lightly or carelessly: toss a piece of paper in the wastebasket. to throw or send from one to another, like in the game: to throw a ball.

What is pep talk short for?

/ˈpep ˌtɑːk/uk. /ˈpep ˌtɔːk/ a short speech to encourage people to work harder or try to win a game or contest: The boss gave a pep talk to employees this morning to encourage the Boost sales.

Is toss up one word?

Used as a noun or adjective, toss-up is usually spelled with a hyphen, but is sometimes rendered as an unhyphenated toss-up.



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