What Does the Term Clothespin Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 20, 2022

: a forked piece of wood or plastic or a small spring clamp used for fastening clothes on a clothesline.

What does a clothespin on a guy mean?

(In the 1940s and ’50s, it was apparently fairly commonplace for mothers to put clothespins on their sons’ penises in order to discourage masturbation. Stephen King, who authored the book 11.22. 63, uses the clothespin theory to account for the psychosis of serial killer Ted Bundy.)

What does a clothes pin symbolize?

After Trump’s election to office, some citizens began wearing safety pins on their clothing to tacitly indicate their support for marginalized groups who may now feel threatened: People of color, the LGBTQ community, women, people with disabilities, and so on.

What do Australians call clothes pins?

In Australia it’s called a clothes-peg.

Why is a clothes peg called a peg?

Traditionally, a clothes peg, or clothespin, was a very basic wooden stick carved with a slit in the end, which was simply pushed over the washing to fix it to the line, and was called a ‘dolly peg’.

What is a close pin?

A closing pin is a curved piece of stainless steel metal used in the sport of skydiving. The pin is sewn onto the bridle, which is a 7- to 10-foot-long piece of nylon webbing connected to the pilot chute.

What is the ending of 11.22 63?

Luckily, the first shot misses, and Jake bursts into the room yelling Lee’s name. This makes him miss the fateful shot, and he turns his gun on Jake. There’s a scuffle, and it ends with Jake shooting Lee in the heart with his own gun. However, he also discovers that one of Lee’s errant shots has hit Sadie.

Why are safety pins called safety pins?

It was the first pin to have a clasp and spring action and Hunt claimed that it was designed to keep fingers safe from injury, hence the name.

Why are clothes pins called C 47s?

One of the most common stories is that it was named after the C-47 plane, which is an extremely versatile plane was used during World War II. Clothespins are versatile tools around a film set, so it was theorized that the clothespin was named after the military plane.

What’s a thong in Australia?

In the USA a thong is a piece of underwear. In Australia, it’s what they call flip-flops. Sometimes they also call them “double-pluggers”.

What do Aussies call flip flops?

They are called thongs (sometimes pluggers) in Australia, jandals (originally a trademarked name derived from “Japanese sandals”) in New Zealand, slops or “plakkies” in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and tsinelas in the Philippines (or, in some Visayan localities, “smagol”, from the word smuggled).

Who invented clothes pin?

The first design that resembles the modern clothespin was patented in 1853 by David M. Smith, a prolific Vermont inventor. Smith also invented a combination lock, a “lathe dog” (a machine part for shaping metal) and a lifting spring for matchboxes.

What is a dolly peg?

The washing dolly is also known as a dolly-peg, dolly-pin or peggy-stick. It was used in the nineteenth century, usually with hot water and soap to clean clothes. Larger houses would have had an oven known as a copper for heating water for the laundry.

Why do clothespins have two holes?

The second hole in most clothespins is much smaller than the first hole to make it possible to hang items made of thinner fabric and not have that item slip on the line.



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