What Does the Name Miko Mean in Japanese?

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A miko (巫女) or shrine maiden is a young priestess who works with a Shinto Shrine

Shinto shrine
A Shinto shrine (神社, jinja, archaic: shinsha, meaning: “place of the gods”) is a building , whose main purpose is to house (“anchor”) one or more kami. Its main building is for storing sacred objects, not for worship. › wiki › Shinto_shrine

. Miko were probably once thought of as shamans, but are understood in modern Japanese culture as an institutionalized role in daily life, trained for tasks ranging from sacred purification to performing the sacred kagura dance.< /span>

Is Miko a Japanese girl name?

Miko is a given name found in multiple cultures. It can be a Japanese female name. It may be an Eastern European name originating in Slovakia, sometimes short for Mikolaj.

Is Miko a Japanese boy name?

Mio is a female Japanese given name.

What does Miko mean in English?

A priestess or shaman, often a maiden, who acts as an oracle and servant of the deity of a particular shrine and performs sacred ritual dances.

Is Miko unisex name?

Name Miko Origin, Meaning, Pronunciation & Popularity of the name Miko. Miko is a ♀ girl name and a ♂ boy name. This makes Miko one of the gender-neutral unisex names.

Does Miko mean anything?

Miko, or shrine girl, is the name of a type of priest who works in a Japanese Shinto shrine. A miko typically refers to young priestesses. For centuries, miko have performed kagura (sacred dances for the entertainment and gratification of Shinto deities), performed exorcisms, practiced divination, and traded oracles.

Is Miko a good name?

Miko is also a commonly used female name in Japan, meaning “beautiful child” or “shrine girl” depending on the characters used in its spelling. Miko is undoubtedly a diverse name with many different definitions, making it perfect for parents wanting to choose a meaning that best suits babies.

What is Mio name short for?

The book title is a pun on Italian mio (“my”). The name can also be interpreted as a short form of names ending in -mio, such as Artemio, Eutimio, or as the masculine equivalent of Swedish Mia.

What does the name Miyo mean?

The name Miyo is primarily a female name of Japanese origin, meaning beautiful child.

What does Mio name mean?

The name Mio is both a boy’s and a girl’s name of Japanese origin and means “beautiful or cherry“. Mio is a beautiful Japanese girl name that emigrated beyond his native country.

How popular is the name miko?

Miko was the 2357. most popular boy’s name and the 8910th most popular girl’s name. In 2021 there were only 57 little boys and only 11 little girls named Miko. 1 in 32,643 boys and 1 in 161,772 girls born in 2021 will be named Miko.

How do you pronounce miko?

  • Phonetic spelling of Miko. m-ee-k-oh. miko. MIY-Kow.
  • Meanings of Miko. It is a female name of Japanese origin.
  • Examples of in a sentence. Alex’ brother Miko Eala begins his journey with Penn State. Miko is making waves in the US NCAA –
  • Translations by Miko. Japanese: 巫女 Russian: Мико

What does miko mean in Spanish?

English translation. monkey. More meanings of mico. monkey noun.

What does Miku mean in Japanese?

The name Miku is primarily a female name of Japanese origin, meaning beautiful, heaven, long time.

What does the last name Miko mean?

Surname: Miko

Derived from the ancient Hebrew name “Micha-el”, meaning “He who is like God“, it was introduced by returning warriors from the Holy Land from the various Crusades that began in the 12th century and lasted for several centuries with minimal success.



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