What Does the King Give Milo as a Gift to Take With Him on the Journey?

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King Azaz pulls out a magic book to give to Milo to protect him on his journey. It’s a dictionary (“Magic Sound #1”).

What gift does King Azaz give Milo?

Helping the cause

Like the math magician, King Azaz lets Milo embark on a quest he knows is “impossible” (19.53), but he doesn’t send Milo away empty-handed. Instead, he gives Milo a valuable box containing “all the words [he] knows[s]” (8.64). The box is like a big dictionary.

What gifts does Milo get in The Phantom Tollbooth?

King Azaz gives Milo a “box [with] all the words that [the king] knows” (8.64). From Alex Bing he gets a telescope that “shows things as they really are, not just as they appear to be” (11.25). He gets a pencil from the mathematician, his “own magic wand” (16.70).

What gift does Dischord give Milo?

Alec accompanies Milo, Tock, and the Humbug to the end of the Forest of Sight, where he bids them farewell and gives Milo a telescope as a gift so he can “see things the way they do are really are.”

What does the Mathemagician give Milo as a gift?

The math magician accepts defeat gracefully, even giving Milo a miniature version of his magic pen as a gift.

What did the Senses Taker provide for Milo?

Milo could see the exciting circus on the horizon. He saw everything a little boy could watch for hours. The Senses Taker turned to Tock and offered him a more pleasant aroma. The dog could smell a wonderful scent that only he could smell.

What is a Dynne?

dynne (uncountable) din (loud noise) noise, sound. Shouting (loud voices)

What gift does the soundkeeper give Milo and Tock?

Milo tells her that they are on a quest to save the princesses. The Soundkeeper gives Milo a present – a box of her favorite sounds. The trio continue traveling to Digitopolis, where they come to a crossroads. They meet an unusual fellow, the Dodecahedron, a twelve-faced man who goes by the nickname Dody.

What did soundkeeper give to Milo and his friends to assist them on their journey to saving Rhyme and Reason?

A Daring Rescue

After the Soundkeeper made the gift of sounds for them, Milo goes with Tock and the Humbug to continue their mission to rescue the two princesses, Rhyme and Reason.

What happened in chapter 12 of The Phantom Tollbooth?

Chapter 12

As Milo enters the Valley of Sound, he can immediately see why Dischord and Dynne seem so afraid of it: there is no sound at all . As Tock frets about his lack of ticking, a crowd comes down the street with signs protesting the silence.

What happens in Chapter 11 of The Phantom Tollbooth?

The Phantom Tollbooth, Chapter 11

At 5:22, Milo remembers that he needs to wake Chroma, the conductor, for a sunrise, but then decides to conduct the orchestra himself< . He then wakes Chroma and expects the orchestra to stop playing as soon as he stops conducting.

WHO IS DR Dischord?

Dischord, full name D.r Kakofonus As-loud-as-possible Dischord, often shortened to Kakofonus A. Dischord, is a doctor of dissonance who lives in a carnival float somewhere in the woods near the Valley of Sound , and his behavior contributed to the Soundkeeper’s decision to lock away all noise.

What does Dodecahedron look like?

In geometry, a dodecahedron (Greek δωδεκάεδρον, from δώδεκα dōdeka “twelve” + ἕδρα hédra “base”, “seat” or “face”) or duodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve flat sides. The best-known dodecahedron is the regular dodecahedron with regular pentagons for faces, which is a platonic solid.

Where does the Mathemagician send Milo?

The math magician sends Milo to the land of infinity, where the greatest, the smallest, the greatest, the smallest, and the most and smallest of everything are kept.

What happens in Chapter 15 of The Phantom Tollbooth?

In Chapter 15 of Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth, Milo, Tock and the Humbug have arrived in Digitopolis, the city of numbers. You’re in the math magician’s number mines and it’s time for lunch. The mathematician serves a delicious stew, but the friends find that the more they eat, the hungrier they get.

What gift broke the spell of the Senses Taker?

They become immersed in the questioning game, forgetting all about the castle and the horde of demons chasing them until Milo drops the bag of sounds the Soundkeeper gave him. The package breaks open and explodes with laughter, snapping Milo out of his trance, as humor is the only sense the Senses Taker can’t grasp.



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