What Does the Governor Do in a 700r4?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 8, 2022

The transmission controller on a 700R4 is used to regulate the speed at which the transmission shifts up or down. This is achieved by using two sets of centrifugal weights, each with different weights.

How does a governor work in a 700R4 transmission?

How do you make a 700R4 shift faster?

When you press the cable adjuster release button, pull the cable adjuster forward a few clicks. As a result, the transmission shifts earlier. If the transmission shifts too early, grab the cable adjuster to keep it from moving, press the release button, and move the cable back towards the bracket a few clicks.

What controls a 700R4 transmission?

The 700r4 transmission was not yet electronically controlled; it was hydraulic pressure controlled with a TV wire that acted as a throttle position sensor to control gear shifting.

Does a 700R4 need a computer?

In order to run a 700-R4 transmission without a computer behind a carbureted engine, at a minimum, the TV cable must be connected to the carburetor and properly adjusted. The TV cable isn’t just a simple kickdown cable like your analog TH350, it controls line pressure and shift points.

What does the transmission governor do?

The governor is a clever valve that tells the transmission how fast the car is going. It is connected to the output, the faster the car moves, the faster the knob rotates.

What RPM should a 700R4 shift at?

Re: 700r4 shift points (Ingar, Norway)

Automatic shifting, the car shifts at around 3800-4000 rpm at full throttle in the first, 4500 in the second, 4000 or in the third place.

How do you adjust the kickdown on a 700R4?

How do you adjust the kick down cable on a 700R4 transmission?

How do I check the pressure on a 700R4?

How much HP can a 700R4 take?

The TCI Super StreetFighter GM 700R4 transmission is designed for higher horsepower and higher torque street/strip applications. Features: Can handle 1000+ HP. 300M input shaft allows for higher torque capacity.

How much power can a 700R4 transmission handle?

I read that a stock 700r4 can handle 350 lb-ft of torque. However, some have been rated higher depending on the application. 1989 was not a high horsepower engine, maybe 230 or torque engine if I remember correctly. You could just have the transmission refreshed to deal with the new engine.

Does a 700R4 have a lockup converter?

The GM 700-R4 & 200-4R transmissions use a lock-up converter to create a more efficient transmission.

What year 700R4 is best?

In general, 1987 and later TH700R4 or 1990-’93 4L60 models are the most desirable.

How do you lock the torque converter on a 700R4?

What does a lock up switch do?

What does a transmission governor solenoid do?

The computer uses the governor pressure solenoid to generate governor pressure relative to ground speed, mimicking what the hydraulic governor did in older RH series transmissions. The computer varies the duty cycle of the PWM regulator pressure solenoid to achieve the desired output pressure.

How does a governor work?

To control engine speed, a mechanical governor uses gears and flyweights in the crankcase to sense load changes and adjust the throttle accordingly.

How does a speed governor work?

Generally, speed limiters have electronic sensors, and these sensors work with the engine’s computer to be able to control the vehicle’s rate of speed. The electronic sensors collect data on a vehicle’s speed rate and transmit this information to the engine’s computer.

Does a 700R4 have shift solenoids?

A 1984 700R4 transmission is controlled hydraulically through the valve body with single solenoid to actuate the lock-up torque converter.



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