What Does Snarf Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 23, 2022

What is snarf slang?

(transitive, intransitive, slang) (liquid or food) accidentally expelling through the mouth or nose, usually while trying to stifle laughter with a full mouth.

What is the origin of snarf?

What is the origin of Snarf? Snarf, “to eat greedily or insatiably,” is a slang word, originally American, and like many, if not most, slang terms, it has an obscure etymology. Some authorities claim that snarf is a variant of scarf “to eat greedily” or a combination of the verbs snort and scarf.

How do you use snarf in a sentence?

I put the whole database into my program. (slang) To eat or consume greedily. He grabbed a whole bag of chips in a few minutes!

Is snarf a Scrabble word?

SNARF is a valid Scrabble word.

Who says snarf?

Leo-O imagines that there’s that pesky feline creature saying “Snarf!” all the time, and He-Man talks about this goofy creature in robes that was always following him. Convinced that Snarf and Orko were just side effects of the drugs, the two heroes go their separate ways.

What does NVS stand for?

What kind of animal is snarf?

The Snarfs are a species of Reptilian Cats creatures native to Thundera. On Thundera they lived in the Valley of Snarfs.

What kind of creature is snarf?

What is a snarf scarf?

The snarf scarf has a triangular shape and uses very little yarn; hence it would be a great stash diving project. It uses DK yarn with only one color at a time, works in just a few hours and is fully adjustable to your pet’s size.

Is snarg a Scrabble word?

Yes, snarf is a valid Scrabble word.



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