What Does Piccola Mean in Spanish?

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What is a Piccola mean?

noun. babe [noun] a way of addressing someone you love, e.g. a husband or wife. (Translation of piccola from the PASSWORD Italian–English Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)

Where does the word Piccolo come from?

The word piccolo belongs to the fairly large group of Italian words denoting musical instruments and other musical terms. A piccolo is a small flute that plays an octave higher than an ordinary one; the word is aptly from Italian for “small”, which is also piccolo.

What does Tesoro mean in English?

Treasure, riches, riches.

What does Papito mean in Italian?

This is a term of endearment that a son or daughter would call their own father, like “daddy.”

Is Piccola a term of endearment?

Piccolo / Piccola literally means small or little, making it the perfect term of endearment for a young child. You can also hear the diminutives piccolino and piccolina (very small).

Is Piccola a word?

The Italian word for small or small is piccolo (masculine). The feminine form is piccola and the plural forms are piccoli (masculine) and piccole (feminine).

Is piccolo male or female?

Piccolo has appeared in various Anime Grand Prix polls, earning high places in the Best Male Character category in the 1990, 1991, and 1992 polls.

What’s a piccolo look like?

Is piccolo a good guy?

From then on, Piccolo was very protective of Gohan, proud of his growth as a man and seeing Gohan as a surrogate son that Gohan himself came to take care of Piccolo as a dear uncle or even second father. This also really cemented his transition from bad to good and a true friend and teammate for the Z Fighters.

How do you call an Italian boyfriend?

“Boyfriend” in Italian and “girlfriend” in Italian: Ragazzo and Ragazza. There are two ways to say “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” in Italian: ragazzo/a or fidanzato/a.

What is the meaning of Mio Amore?

German translation:my darling/my darling.

What is Dolce Cuore?

Sweetie. Last update: 05.06.2015.

What does Pepino mean in Spanish slang?

Pepino is the Spanish word for cucumber.

What does Blanquita mean in Cuban?

(very informal) feminine noun (Caribbean) cocaine.

How do you use Papi Chulo?

Young women who identify as Hispanic sometimes refer to their male partner or romantic relationship as papi chulo in colloquial and written language, including on social media. The Spanish plural form of papi chulo is papis chulos, but papi chulos is often used as a plural in English.



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