What Does MMWG Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 25, 2022

Millimetres of water column (measurement of the pressure drop through a medium)

What is MMWG in pressure?

1 millimeter of water column corresponds to 9.80665 Pascal. The mmH2O pressure unit is used to monitor low air flow pressures in building ventilation systems or very low water levels in rivers and streams.

What is the meaning of MMWC?

The pressure unit mmWS stands for millimeters per water column and 1 mmWS = 9.8*10-5 bar = 9.8*10-8 mbar = 0.0014 PSI = 0.0098 mPa. Pascal (Pa) is the SI unit of pressure and 1 mPa is 1/1000th of a Pa.

What is MMCA pressure unit?

The abbreviation m.c.a. means meters of water and corresponds to a unit of pressure in the engineering system of units, equal to the pressure exerted by a one meter tall column of pure water. Its equivalent is: 1 m.c.a. = 0.1 kg/cm² = 9.81 kPa (kilopascals) 1 m.c.a. = 1000mm.

How do you convert MMHC to mmHg?

By using our water column [millimeters] to mmHg conversion tool, you will know that one water column [millimeter] is equal to 0.073556127270818 mmHg. So to convert water column [millimeters] to mmHg, all we have to do is multiply the number by 0.073556127270818.

What is the full form of mbar?

Millibar is a metric unit of pressure used primarily in European countries and is directly derived from the bar unit of pressure, which is equivalent to 1,000 mbar.

How many mm2 are in a liter?

How do you measure cmH2O?



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