What Does Mesame Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 22, 2022

A user from Cyprus says that the name Mesame is of African origin and means “attractive“.

What does MIS Ami mean?

Mes amis My friends mst.

Is mes amis correct?

If you are talking about several of your friends who are all female, you would use mes amies with the added e. Otherwise, if they are all male, or even if there is only one male in a group of females, you would use mes amis without the added e.

What does mes mean in English?

How do you pronounce mes amis?

What do you call a French friend?

Copain, copine

Copain (male) and copine (female) both mean friend and are used interchangeably with “ami(e)”. To form the plural, add an “s” to both forms and it becomes “copains” and “copines”. “Copain” and “copine” describe a friendly relationship that is slightly less close than “ami(e)”.

What is mon Dieu?

interjection. sky [interjection] an expression of surprise, dismay, etc..

Is mes amis feminine?

French translation: mes amis

If it’s an all-girl group, it’s mes amies. However, in your English comment you used my friend in the singular. Mon ami or Mon amie (female).

Is MES masculine or feminine?

What is the French days of the week?

What does MEUS mean in Spanish?

First person singular possessive pronoun. Concerns or belongs to me; my; mine. O my computer. That serves or interests me; my; mine.

Is MES a word?

Yes, mes is a valid Scrabble word.

What does El Ano mean in English?

ano, the ~ (m) Loch, the ~ Nomen. Arsch, the ~ Name. Anus, that ~ Noun.

What is the plural form of mon ami?

my friend noun phrase (also (feminine) my friend) plural meine Freund (feminine my friends)

What do French guys call their girlfriends?

What do French call their lover?

Only for lovers: intimate French caresses

Mon amoureux (M), mon amoureuse (F): My beloved; Some people will say that to kids as it doesn’t necessarily mean anyone you’re going to bed with, but it’s honestly a bit scary.

What do you call a French girlfriend?

[ˈɡɜːʳlfrɛnd ] 1. [ of boy] copine m ⧫ petite amie f.

Is Zut alors rude?

Zut alors or zut!

Zut, which is more common than the old-fashioned “zut alors,” is actually just a very polite way of saying merde. It’s like saying “shucks” or “dang” to avoid swearing in front of people you shouldn’t swear in front of.



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