What Does Jonas Notice About the Apple Giver?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 13, 2022

What did Jonas notice about the apple? While playing with his friend Asher, Jonas noticed “the apple has changed” in a way he couldn’t describe. He knew that the apple kept its shape and size as always, but changed briefly from time to time. Asher saw no change.

What does Jonas know about the apple?

As Jonas describes the apple, he realizes that it is the same size and shape as before. He doesn’t use the word “color” to describe his hue. Instead, he uses “indescribable,” a word most people wouldn’t use to describe the color red.

What does Jonas notice about the apple the sled and Fiona’s hair?

What does Jonas notice about the apple, the sled and Fiona’s hair? They are all objects.

What is revealed about Jonas when he tosses the apple with Asher?

What is revealed about Jonas when he tosses the apple to Asher? How does Jonah change when this happens? It is revealed that Jonas is Gabriel’s brother.

What is unusual about Jonas’s description of the apple when he examines it after the first strange occurrence The Giver?

What is unusual about Jonas’ description of the apple as he examines it after the first strange incident? He described it as a ball and not food.

Why does Jonas take the apple in The Giver?

He takes the apple home so he can try to figure out what’s different about it, but that only ends up embarrassing Jonas by getting caught beating breaks the rules.

Why is the apple important in The Giver?

Symbol – The Giver The apple in The Giver symbolizes change. In Jonas’ visions, he had “noticed as he followed the path of the apple through the air with his eyes that the piece of fruit—well, that was the part he couldn’t quite understand—had changed.”

When did Jonas see the Apple change?

Jonas saw the apple change as he tossed it to Asher and as he stood on stage during the Ceremony of Twelve, the faces in the audience changed.

Who has red hair in The Giver?

Even things that appear so explicit in the book were obviously open to interpretation. As Jonas begins to see colors in the world, Fiona’s red hair is one of the first images that comes to mind.

What does Jonas dream about in The Giver Chapter 12?

By Lois Lowry. The next morning at breakfast, Jonas manages to avoid telling a straight lie without telling his parents about his dream. The dream involved his sled down the hill, over and over, always on the verge of reaching something at the bottom, except he doesn’t know what that something is.

What happens to the apple in The Giver?

Lowry mentions, “but suddenly Jonas had noticed… the apple had changed” (21-22). That first change in Jonas’ life is when he sees this apple turning the color red. This change leads to many other differences in Jonas’ life, such as being chosen as the recipient and receiving the memories of all life before him.

How did the apple change in The Giver?

Before becoming the recipient of the memory, Jonas doesn’t know how to describe the apple’s change because the community color-erased it to create “equality”. When Jonas was discussing the incident with the Apple describes The Giver reveals that the change Jonas saw was color.

How was Jonas disciplined for taking an apple home?

How was Jonas punished for taking home an apple? He threw away the apple and then had to apologize to the leisure director.

How do they get pregnant in The Giver?

The birth mothers stop taking the pills while being used as birth mothers. Birth fathers are not mentioned in any of the books, but it is explained that the girls become pregnant through artificial insemination. They are used as wombs for three years.

What is The Giver’s real name?

Which type of irony is going on when the apple changes color in The Giver?

What kind of irony is involved when Jonas sees the apple change color? Situational irony because Jonas was surprised when he saw the color change.



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