What Does It Mean When Check Gauges Light Comes On?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 22, 2022

In particular, it indicates one of two things – either the vehicle’s gauges are showing a reading that deviates from normal operating parameters, or oil pressure/coolant temperatures are approaching dangerous levels.

How do you fix a check gauge light?

What does check gages on car mean?

A “Check Gauge Light” warning warns the driver of a possible problem with the vehicle. Because there are multiple gauges in a vehicle, the telltale will illuminate when any of these gauges go out of range. The driver should stop when it is safe and investigate the problem further.

What does check gauges mean on a jeep?

The “Check Gauges” light means just that. With the engine running, look at all the gauges and see which one is not within the normal range. Gas gauge doesn’t matter. The temp gauge should be about 195 degrees, the voltage should be about 14 volts and the oil pressure at idle is about 40psi.

What does gauges mean on a truck?

The gauges in a car are diagnostic tools that the car uses to display information about its various systems. Gauges are usually displayed on your car’s dashboard behind the steering wheel. The gauges in a car help identify fluctuations or problems before they cause serious damage.

Can you drive with check gauges light?

It depends on what turned off the check gauges light. If the problem is that the washer fluid level is too low, there is no immediate danger if you continue driving – provided that all vehicle systems are still working properly. Otherwise, it’s best to stop and investigate what triggered the alert as soon as possible.

What does low oil pressure mean?

The oil pressure warning light is a warning that the oil pressure is insufficient or the oil level is too low. This prevents the oil from flowing through the narrow passages to provide proper lubrication. Lack of lubrication can cause the motor to stall or cause irreparable damage.

What causes service engine soon light?

There are a number of reasons your Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light may be flashing or illuminating. This includes oxygen sensor, mass air flow sensor, catalytic converter, vacuum leak or problems with spark plugs, ignition coils or defective gas cap problems and required repairs.

What is the temperature gauge on a car?

The temperature gauge in your vehicle is designed to measure the temperature of your engine’s coolant. This gauge tells you if your engine’s coolant is cold, normal, or overheated. It is an important dial that is located on your vehicle’s dashboard.

What does check gages mean on Dodge Durango?

The check indicator indicates that something related to the operation of the gauges or the components that provide information to the gauges may not be working properly. For example, if you have an actual oil pressure problem from the engine that is causing the gauge to fluctuate, the warning light will illuminate.

What does the check engine light mean on a Jeep Cherokee?

A steady glow usually means something less serious, but a flashing check engine light indicates your vehicle’s engine is having serious problems and requires immediate service. If your check engine light is flashing in your Jeep Cherokee, we strongly recommend that you do not drive the vehicle and schedule a Jeep service today.

Why did my oil pressure gauge stop working?

The oil pressure gauge usually drops when a few things could happen. Either the engine actually has too little oil, the oil pump could be defective or the oil pressure transmitter unit is not working properly and may display an incorrect reading.

What are the 3 main warning lights warning gauges in your car?

There are 3 different categories of warning lights; Red, Yellow and Green: Red warning lights mean you should stop the car as soon as it is safe. Yellow warning lights mean action is required. Green warning lights are for information only.

What are the 3 main warning gauges on your dash?

There are three types of warning lights: Oil pressure warning light. Temperature warning light. Low battery warning light.

What are gauges?

1 : a measurement (such as the distance between the rails of a railroad or the size of the inside diameter of a shotgun barrel) according to a standard of a regular gauge railroad. 2 : an instrument for measuring, checking or registering a rain gauge, a vapor gauge. gauge. conn.



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